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Three B Zine Podcast! Presents: Beer Night in San Diego!
Join us each week as we celebrate Beer Night in San Diego! Tune in to hear the best in Local Craft Beers, Local Food and Local Music in San Diego!
Category: Society & Culture
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April 10, 2018 07:43 PM PDT
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This week joining us for Beer Night in San Diego is Mr. Rudy Pollorena Jr himself - AKA Craft Beerd. Tune in as we dive deep to tell his entire story from idea, to execution to where we are today. We break down how he found himself in moving back to San Diego and entrenched in the local beer community and hear how Craft Beerd grew organically to fill a growing demand for high quality beer art shirts, prints and more. Hear the detailed story on the classic “Matrix” design and how it propelled Craft Beerd into the heart of the local beer community. Hear also how the brand was able to expand outside of San Diego to other markets. Plus, hear all about the Hop Stash brand from idea to Kickstarter, and hear the story of why Rudy ended the project. Plus, hear the thought process on why he ended the project as well as the thoughts and feelings in weeks to come after the project ended. And looking towards the future, hear about what is to come from Craft Beerd including a new art brand and hear the inspiration behind this new brand. Also, hear about some other new things Rudy will be working on, including publishing a book and more. We also dive deep into the Craft Beerd 5th Anniversary happening April 21st and we also learn all about the collaboration beer that will be released in cans with Burgeon Beer in Carlsbad. Hear about the recipe, inspiration for the beer as well as the exciting art which was created for the cans and upcoming anniversary tee shirt. Plus, hear some advice Rudy wants to share with folks looking to start a small business. All this plus much more including thoughts on local cans and their designs, video game references and using video games to decompress, Rudy’s thoughts on other growing beer cities, bad gift shop style tees, Nelson hopped beers in San Diego, Rudy’s favorite festivals and tons more. This week we sample beers from Stillwater, Abnormal, Pizza Port X Three Floyds, Fall Brewing and Port Brewing.

April 05, 2018 09:05 PM PDT
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This week Beer Night in San Diego is batting clean up for the week with a grand slam Extra Innings episode! We dive in head first into Whats New at Petco Park this year for baseball season in regards to great local beer and great local food. Tune in to hear about the brand new beer offerings around Petco Park including some special tappings to look out for, new carts on Craft Row and new cans in the park. We also tackle the best beer values when attending a ball game. Hear the beers we had on Opening Day and where you can find us Pre-Gaming for a homestand in San Diego. We also discuss some of the new food offerings this year, and some of our all time favorite choices for ball park eats.
Also, don’t miss out on a brand new edition of “Would You Rather?” hosted by Ryan! This episode we feature Secret Spot Hazy IPA from Duckfoot Brewing, AloHops from Bear Roots Brewing and a very special Barrel Aged Stout from our great friends at Growler Hour. All this plus much more including volunteering at beer festivals, tasting home brew from an award winning home brew team, some deep hot dog talk and lots more on the super fun extra innings version of Beer Night in San Diego!

April 03, 2018 07:50 PM PDT
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Beer Night in San Diego is back! This week the IPA Hiatus is back meaning we are focusing on a specific style. So in an attempt to continue education on styles for both ourselves and you the listeners, don’t miss out while we focus on Quads all night long! Tune in as we sample some traditional quads as well as a couple local offerings. Plus, learn some of the history of this style, food pairings and tons more. Also, we dive into some of the local beer news happening in San Diego. First, we scrapped our first story (which was based on Green Flash) and an emergency news segment was recorded and spliced into this episode after the fact to discuss the earth shattering news about Green Flash and Alpine being sold to a new investment group. Hear all the news (released so far) on this tragic and terrible news. More news follows, including information on the upcoming brewery Latchkey Brewing including who is heading up beer operations and more. Plus hear all about Council’s new location and their expansion into Santee. We also discuss Burning Beard and their 2nd Anniversary as well as plans to open a new warehouse just for wild ales and some of their plans. Also, hear all about a new brewery and restaurant that will be owned by New Zealand folks and some great beers that we may see and we also break down plans for a new family friendly location taking over a long abandoned building in the heart of South Park San Diego. Plus, don’t miss our latest version of Fact or Fiction LIVE! All this plus much more including Mike debuting a new Pasta themed t shirt and hates it, discussion on traveling to breweries in Belgium, doing an exorcism on old breweries, difficulty opening in RB, how Tom ferments beers, family friendly location discussion and so much more. Don’t miss it!

March 27, 2018 11:26 AM PDT
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Beer Night in San Diego is back! This week we are coming to you live from Bear Roots Brewing Co in Vista and we are joined by Owner and Brewer Terry Little. Tune in as we do a live guided tasting with Terry and learn about the ideas and brewing process behind each of the beers. Hear their story from idea all the way through opening to where we are today, and hear where his brewing passion comes from and how he got his start in the world of brewing beer. Hear about their home-brew shop and how they can assist you in your journey into home brewing. Also, get the breakdown and inside info on the second location coming soon for Bear Roots, their brand new tasting room! Plus, hear why they are staying in the city of Vista before branching out into other markets in San Diego. We also dive in deep to their Bear Cookie and sample the C02 and Nitro versions and learn all about how this popular beer came to be. Plus hear some exclusive news about an upcoming version of Bear Cookie. Plus, hear Bear Roots thoughts on distro and hear news about the bottles they have released recently. Also hear Terry’s thoughts on the reputation behind Vista’s beer community. Hear Bear Root’s approach to the hazy styles and if they will continue these styles. Terry was also voted in as Vice President of the San Diego Brewers Guild so hear all about this new position for Terry and some of his thoughts moving forward as VP. Plus, hear some rad news about the upcoming Rhythm and Brews Festival happening May 5th in Vista. Plus, as VP, hear his thoughts on the current climate in San Diego beer and how the Guild can support local breweries. All this plus much more including, how you can help raise money for a good friend in beer, hear about a one of a kind team building opportunity happening at Bear Roots and how you can help brew a beer, their top notch customer service, public transit traveling to breweries, Mike’s head explodes about an upcoming all Galaxy hopped beer, glitter beers, the growing love of local lagers, Terry leaving Black Plague, details about an upcoming anniversary party, and a collaboration beer is born live on the show and tons more. Don’t miss out!

March 20, 2018 08:47 PM PDT
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Beer Night in San Diego is back and this week we are joined by the entire team down at Thr3e Punk Ales in Chula Vista - Steve, Kevin, John and Ivan. Tune in this week as we learn all about whats going on and new with our friends at Thr3e Punk Ales. As of recording this episode they had 18 beers on tap so tune in as we take a guided tasting tour through most of them (from light to dark to hoppy) and learn about each beer, the motivation and story behind each as well as in depth tasting notes from the folks who created them. Plus, hear a deep discussion on their approach to all of their beers. We also hear about some collaborations happening both in town as well as across the border with small, local Mexico breweries. We also hear about the Punks entering beers into World Beer Cup and the motivation behind wanting to enter professional beer competitions. We also get the Punk’s thoughts on out of state media being critical of U.S. breweries making Mexican Lagers which leads to a bit of a history lesson on the style. We also discuss the possibility of seeing Three Punks beer in cans in the future as well as the story of their beer being available in the Sports Arena. Also, get their thoughts on why South Bay and Chula Vista has been thriving in the current beer climate. Plus hear about some of their events coming up in the near future and tons more from San Diego’s favorite punks. All this plus much more including us apologizing for making a mistake, N64 Sleepover parties, loving Morrissey, hear their thoughts on brewing hazy beers as well as the new trend glitter beers, fun new beer names, a Thr3e Punks Burrito is coming, nitro vs c02 talk, a Swayze love fest occurs and tons more on this absolutely fun hang out beer episode.

March 13, 2018 07:23 PM PDT
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Beer Night in San Diego is back! This week its a triple-dipper edition of our style-specific shows. The IPA-Hiatus is still in full effect and this week we are focusing on - Helles Lagers, Dunkels and DunkelWeisse beers. Tune in as we sample both traditional variants as well as some local options plus we discuss some of the history, food pairings and more on each of these styles. Plus hear some news stories from San Diego’s beer and food communities including some EXCLUSIVE news about an upcoming beer from a local favorite brewery. Also, hear about the unfortunate news of a small brewery closing its doors, a brewery from Los Angeles moving into La Jolla and the restaurant that will be opening within, we also expand on a story from awhile back about a brewery expanding quite large and installing a kitchen to their location. Plus hear about a great upcoming beer and art festival happening in San Diego, and the first ever can release from a local brewery as well as a great San Diego Beer History class also happening with this brewery. Also, get a break down from the AleSmith members hangout at the brewery and hear a breakdown of Mike’s favorite Speedway Stout variants.
And of course, don’t miss out on the latest edition of “Would You Rather?” hosted by Ryan as well as another Fact or Fiction LIVE hosted by Tom! All this plus much more including a host’s mind is blown by some of the beers, baklava parties, Mike makes someones day, we discuss the future of Session IPAs, German sausage talk, trying new beers to expand your palate and tons more. Don’t miss this weeks Beer Night in San Diego - Its a one way ticket to magic town.

March 08, 2018 06:46 AM PST
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Another Beer Night in San Diego is upon us! This week, the IPA Hiatus is still ON! In an attempt to continue beer education for both ourselves and you our listeners we are choosing specific styles to focus on - Tonights style - Scotch Ales! Tune in to learn all about the style including history, food pairings and hear us sample a few Scotch Ales live on the show. While sampling Scotch Ales we also dive deep into some beer community news to keep everyone in the know. Hear about a local brewery who has hired an outside company to help them consolidate debt and what could be on the horizon for them. We also discuss a new brewery opening this year from a well loved San Diego restaurant. Also hear new plans and a bright future for a well loved local brewery and what we can look forward to from them in the future, plus a Grand Re-Opening. Also hear about a large East Coast brewery now being distributed in Southern California and what beers you can expect to see. We also break the Hiatus at the end of the night to sample two new and special beers. First we dive into the Hazy Vacation from Resident Brewing and second we dive into a brand newly released can of Bacon and Eggs from Pizza Port. Also, don’t miss out as we answer a question sent to us from good friend of the show Kevin in Nebraska! Also, tune in for TWO games this week. We debut a brand new game segment “Would You Rather?” Plus don’t miss out on a brand new edition of Fact or Fiction LIVE! Where you the listener can play along with us live on Instagram. All this plus much more including a new business idea, shower beers, dark beers during San Diego summers, cheater egg cookers, Mike can never find beers in San Diego, IBU wars plus tons more.

February 25, 2018 10:30 PM PST
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Beer Night in San Diego is back! This week we are coming to you from Pizza Port Bressi Ranch and our guests on this super king sized episode are Jill Davidson and Blake Masoner. Tune in to hear a wide variety of hot topics starting with some history from Jill and Blake on their lives in the beer community. Hear how Jill’s role with the Brewers Guild will shift now as President Emeritus and hear about some of the weirdest changes that happened during her time as President, plus hear about some of her favorite moments during the time. Plus, get some deep information on how the Guild works to impact the community and its members. Also, we discuss the departure of long time Pizza Port Brewer and current Head Brewer of Bressi Ranch Nacho. Hear their thoughts on his departure and also get to know the new Head Brewer, our guest Blake Masoner! Hear how his role will shift and some of the things he is most looking forward to coming into the Head Brewer role. We also dive into some can talk and we learn about some of the recently release specialty cans as well as some EXCLUSIVE NEWS about some upcoming special release cans including some awesome collaboration beers which will be not only in cans, but also head out to distro. Also hear about the possibilities of a Barrel Aged Bacon and Eggs as well as discussion on the cellar ability of cans of Bacon and Eggs. Plus hear about some great upcoming events including Rhythm and Brews happening May 5th in Vista and we have TWO exclusive announcements about this great event. Also, dont miss out on the latest edition of Fact or Fiction LIVE! All this plus much more including mattress sales, amazing church parties, Jill and Blake’s thoughts on hazy IPAs being brewed by Pizza Port, politicians and beer, how to break into the industry and how to expand your knowledge in beer, can Tom eat vegetables for a rare growler of beer? an on the fly untappd game and tons more.

February 18, 2018 08:41 PM PST
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Beer Night in San Diego is back! This week we are joined by longtime friend and great beer community member Mr. Cesar Torres of the great Fall Brewing Co in North Park. Tune in as we sample a bunch of great new beers from Fall Brewing and hear more exclusives from Fall Brewing than we can handle! Hear some of Cesar’s story in the craft beer community, some of the beers that got him to fall in love with beer and his thoughts on where we were and where we are going. Hear news about upcoming beers and also upcoming packaging from Fall Brewing and exclusive news on some soon to be released beers which will be canned for distort plus hear Fall’s thoughts on making the “hazy” styles in San Diego. Also hear some big news about possible distro moving outside of San Diego County and where you just might be able to see some Fall Brewing appear North of San Diego. Also, some news on possibly seeing Fall served in a couple certain parks. Also, hear some exclusive never released news about some very exciting upcoming collaboration beers that Fall will has in the works for the coming year. Also, don’t miss out on the second ever Fact or Fiction LIVE edition - where YOU the listener get to play along with us LIVE on Instagram. Also, don’t miss out on our wildest Get Social segment ever! All this plus much more including learning about the lagering process and the time it takes, Goo Goo Dolls tribute beers, finding lost brewers behind tanks, parking in San Diego, learning from legends, plus so much more. Don’t miss a fun episode overflowing with exclusive, breaking news!

February 14, 2018 07:29 PM PST
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What is this!? An extra show for the week? Thats right! Its time for Beer Night in San Diego - Extra Innings Edition! After wrapping a full episode (for next week) we decided we needed to keep the mics rolling to discuss a big news story that hit this week. Joining us this week for the Extra Innings show is the one and only Cesar Torres of Fall Brewing. For this Extra Innings Edition episode we break down all the info we have on the breaking news that Stone Brewing will be suing a large beer company. Tune in as we sample a new Stone Brewing Co IPA from the brewery and all the info is broken down just for you and we give our thoughts on the happenings. Its not every day we have news this big in San Diego Beer and we needed to burst out the gates with a show to break it down and discuss the big news. Don’t miss out on this special, short issue of Three B Zine Podcast! Extra Innings! And, tune in next week for our full episode with Cesar Torres to hear all kinds of HUGE news coming from Fall Brewing in the coming year. Tune in, folks!

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