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Three B Zine Podcast! Presents: Beer Night in San Diego!
Join us each week as we celebrate Beer Night in San Diego! Tune in to hear the best in Local Craft Beers, Local Food and Local Music in San Diego!
Category: Society & Culture
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September 19, 2018 08:50 PM PDT

This week we bring you a very special episode of Beer Night in San Diego - It is the official Results Show of the 2018 San Diego Breweries Draft! Tune in to hear ALL of the official standings as we tally the votes and announce the winners and losers of this years brewery draft. Don’t miss out as we are joined again by Bryan Broussard, Roger Smith, Chris of GrowlerHour and Chris AKA Average Beer Dude. Once we announce the standings, stick around to hear us crack into some incredibly special beers, as well as some beers that just might have past their prime for the loser of the draft. We also sample and get some background information on the new collaboration beer LemonDrop Tart IPA made with both Growler Hour and Savagewood Brewing. This episode is coming to you and recorded on location thanks to the great folks at Pizza Port Bressi Ranch! All this plus much more including information on a charity beer event coming soon, lots of shots fired between this years competitors, wing eating and cooking etiquette, old beers being found on shelves, playing the shaky egg, insight into Alpha King Champion Belching Beaver and tons more. Don’t miss it!

September 12, 2018 09:29 PM PDT

Not only is it Beer Night in San Diego, its also Draft Night in San Diego! This episode marks our 2nd Annual San Diego Brewery Draft! Do not miss out as this years San Diego Brewery Draft is bigger and better than ever! Not only are the hosts involved, we invited in 4 special guests to sit in and draft their own brewery teams this year - Bryan Broussard, Roger Smith, Chris from Growler Hour and Chris AKA Average Beer Dude. The draft is overseen by judge, jury and executioner - Commissioner Cheesman (Ian Cheesman.) Tune in as these 8 titans battle it out for eternal glory - or eternal SHAME! Each team will draft 7 rounds totally a team of 7 local independent breweries. At the end, YOU will choose the winner! The overall winner will receive a special prized bottle of beer for eternal Instagram glory, and the overall loser with the lowest votes cast by YOU the listeners will be PUNISHED on next weeks show. (All details on the episode.) Don’t miss out as we battle each other for top picks, steal picks from other teams and all the fighting, fun and trash talk in between. Recorded LIVE at Pizza Port Bressi Ranch - The official home of the 2018 San Diego Brewery Draft!
All this plus much more including trash talking, drinking some great local beers, controversial opinions and tons more. This is one fun episode you can’t miss, and do not forget to VOTE!!!!

September 06, 2018 09:21 PM PDT

Its Beer Night in San Diego - Extra Innings Party! We just had too much to discuss this week, so an extra bonus episode was necessary to cover everything happening in our beautiful city. Tune in to this weeks Extra Innings Bonus Show while we continue to sample some killer beers from Latchkey Brewing with our good friend Mr. Anthony Beach - Head Brewer of Latchkey Brewing. While we sample these beers we break down some of the biggest news stories happening in San Diego Independent (Indie) Beer! Plus, don’t miss out when we break down the new and exciting beers hitting the market soon in this weeks New Can Alerts! All this plus much more including some of our favorite and least favorite fruits for beers, favorite sour beer producers, discussing memories of a now closed local favorite spot, a new game surfaces when we dive into “Guess The Hops!”, some big exclusive news for you folks is mentioned and tons more. Don’t miss this weeks special edition Extra Innings episode overflowing with fun, education and beer knowledge.

September 05, 2018 08:47 PM PDT

Join us for another Beer Night in San Diego featuring very special guest - Mr. Anthony Beach - Head Brewer for Latchkey Brewing here in San Diego. Tune in as we take a trip down the Latchkey menu board with a VIP sampling of some of their great local beers. While we sample their beers, don’t miss out as we get a guided tasting of each and learn Anthony and Latchkey’s approach to each and ever recipe they create. We also learn some of Anthony’s history in the world of beer and we get an insight on his journey from home brewer to the Head Brewer we know today. Hear how he got his start in the Bay Area, how he made his way to San Diego and all the things he learned along the way. Also, get an inside look on what its like when a brewery sells from someone who lived it and how it lead him to Latchkey. Hear all about Latchkey moving into the historic Mission Brewery Plaza and learn about the brewing equipment being used and lots of other “beer geek” talk. Plus, hear about some upcoming events, new beers and some big time exclusives coming soon from Latchkey. All this plus much more including becoming cover models on West Coaster, how to brew and package beer for competitions, TONS of hop talk, proper way to make coffee beers and info using coffee in beer, IBU wars and IPA talk comparing old school to new school variants, swimming in tanks of beer and tons more. Don’t miss this episode filled with beer knowledge from an incredibly passionate brewer in San Diego.

August 26, 2018 11:04 PM PDT

Beer Night in San Diego is back! This week we are coming to you LIVE from inside the tasting room of Longship Brewery and our guest this week is Ryan Sabatini - Marketing Director of Longship. Tune in as we take a trip through the menu board over at Longship while learning all about their history, their passion and what they are all about. Hear some of Ryan’s personal story, how he found his way into the world of local beer and some of the beers that got him excited about beer. We also break down the history of Longship and hear their approach to their branding, their beers and the wide variety of styles they offer to beer drinkers. We also get Ryan’s take on where local beer “trends” could be headed and what beers he hopes to see more of. Also, get a look into their “to-go” canning game - 4 packs filled on the fly plus crowlers. Also, what we may see in the future from Longship in regards to can releases. Plus, hear all about the upcoming San Diego Beer Week All Stars Collaboration event happening November 4th during SD Beer Week. Hear about our upcoming collaboration, plus some info on the beers being brewed by the 3 other teams participating this year. Plus, hear about some upcoming events and other great things to look forward to from Longship.
All this plus much more including fantasy football stress, viking talk and history plus drinking out of horns, beer blending, swimming in pilsners, award winning beers, the spirit of collaboration in San Diego and tons more.**Also, keep in mind - We are LIVE in a tasting room. So background noise may be present during the episode.**

August 22, 2018 08:18 PM PDT

Beer Night in San Diego is BACK! This week we strap on our lederhosen, fire up the band and roll out the pretzels as we celebrate Oktoberfest Night in San Diego! Tune in as we break down what Oktoberfest beers are, history on the style and history on Oktoberfest and much more while we sample a bunch of great Oktoberfest offerings including some fan favorite local options. Tune in to hear a fun and informative episode focusing on Oktoberfest! Plus, we dive into some local San Diego beer news happening this week. Also, tune in to hear this weeks New Can Alerts, our newest Segment “Small Brewery Showcase” featuring Thunderhawk + hear all about the upcoming Thunderhawk anniversary and a new Oktoberfest edition of Fact or Fiction LIVE! All this plus much more including, what appliances NOT to buy, a fan favorite local IPA has now been “hazified”, Ryan Klesko mentions, traveling for beer more often, best and worst pretzels and unauthorized pretzel consumption, EXCLUSIVE news on some yet to be announced beer releases in San Diego, dancing at the racetrack bothering horses and we drink a surprise special beer and do a live beer and food pairing with local beer and a local food spot. PLUS, do not miss out on TWO big announcements regarding our weekly show. Including news on Tom’s new Pop Culture Podcast as well as the announcement of Three B Zine Podcast NETWORK!

August 15, 2018 08:48 PM PDT

Everyones favorite night is back - Its Beer Night in San Diego! This week we are joined by great friend of the show Chris AKA Average Beer Dude (@AverageBeerDude) for this weeks theme show - Small Brewery Showcase! We dive into a couple of smaller, lesser discussed breweries this week in a way to continue an onslaught of promotion for true, local and independent breweries. Tune in to hear what is the first of many small brewery episodes where we sample and discuss great beverages from some lesser discussed locations in town. While we sample these beers we also dive into some local beer news happening right now in our fine city. Tune in to her about the first fresh hop beer of the season, the staggering numbers of hazy style beers entered into GABF 2018, some great upcoming local events one of which we will be recording at LIVE, information on an upcoming beer competition which again we will take part in plus new local spots who will now be canning and crowlering beers on site. Also, breweries new location which will be opening and what to expect. Also, the robot is alive and well for this weeks New Can Alerts! All this plus much more including pizzas too big to get inside of a door, Cody forgot a crucial beer for the show and feels bad, WHY supporting small, local, independent breweries is so important - now more than ever, sketchy sky diving, growlers vs crowler talks, best pizza coming to town, more pineapple pizza hate, we break down some incredible local mead and tons more.

August 07, 2018 09:18 PM PDT

Everyones favorite night is back! Its Beer Night in San Diego! This week all 4 hosts are together again and we are setting our sights on all things Central Coast. Mike has returned from a road trip and he has brought back many canned gifts for the show. Tune in as we sample a ton of Central Coast cans and crowlers and hear a ton of details on each of the breweries featured. While we sample some great beers from Mike’s road trip we also dive into some local beer news. Hear all about the statement released by the San Diego Brewers Guild about a certain brewery, hear about a San Diego brewery expanding its reach to Northern California with a new tasting room and hear the winner of this years Sore Eye Cup. Plus, hear about not one, but TWO new breweries opening in San Diego very soon plus some details on each. Plus hear some news thanks to a member of the Beer Plexus about Escondido looking to bring in local breweries to open tasting rooms and info on how to make it happen. Plus, don’t miss out when the Robot invades the show again this week during New Can Alerts! All this plus much more including humidity, best time to visit Monterey to beat crowds, road trip etiquette including car snackage, baseball fans in different cities, sneaking pours at beer festivals, Mike and his leaky crowlers, how to road trip with beers in the car, Modern Times bottling news and so much more. Don’t miss out on this weeks fun Road Trip Edition of Beer Night in San Diego.

August 01, 2018 08:36 PM PDT

Everyones favorite evening is back! Its Beer Night in San Diego! This week we are joined by the Queen of Hops the one and only Liz Bauer - Owner and Operator of the local business Hops Bauer! For our style choice this week Liz chose a specific hop to focus on for the evening - This week we are sampling beers with Cascade hops! Hear all about this hop variety and learn all about how it was born, how it is used and tons more. Tune in as we sample a ton of great local beers while we learn more about Liz and what she does for hops and local beer. Hear how she found her way not only into the world of local beer but also the world of hops. Hear how you can help support local hop growers and farmers with your beer drinking dollar. Plus, hear about some exciting new hops coming soon to San Diego AND hear a very exciting and big announcement - Heard here on our show first from Hops Bauer! We also dive into a brand new segment for the first time ever - Small Brewery Spotlight! This week we sample beer and discuss whats going on with Align in Miralani Makers District. Tune in each week as we continue to spotlight small, independent breweries. We also break down some up coming Wet Hop Beers for wet hop season including a ton of collabs with Nickel Beer. We also dive in to this weeks NEW CAN ALERTS! All this plus much more including bobbleheads in studio, find out the most grown hop in San Diego and why it grows so well in our climate, beer tastes going full circle, learn the best situation and why/how hops grow best in certain regions, coming up with fun beer names, confusion with beer names, drinking beer and getting high scores on Big Game Hunter, vegetarian “wings”, too much glassware and so much more!

July 24, 2018 09:31 PM PDT

Beer Night in San Diego is back! This week all four of the hosts are back together again and together we are diving back into our themed style shows. For this episode the pre chosen style is - Cream Ales! Tune in as we dive into some local cream ales while we discuss the history of this under appreciated style as well as food pairings and more. Also, tune in to hear Tom break down some of the best stops he made on his trip to Germany. We also break down some sad news in San Diego beer including TWO small breweries announcing that they are closing their doors. We also discuss the news about whats happening with the shuttered Depot Springs spot in La Mesa. Also, hear about a very important upcoming beer documentary that is sure to re shape some of the culture in the beer community. We break down some of the upcoming beer releases in easily our wildest version yet of NEW CAN ALERTS and celebrate the return of the New Can Robot! We also play a brand new edition of Fact of Fiction LIVE! All this plus tons more including old shell fish, unauthorized schnitzel, we finally make Ryan laugh, how is Stone doing in Germany, people requesting non indie beer at tasting rooms and why supporting local businesses and independent breweries is so important, we can never go to Arizona again, ending bro culture and TONS more on one of our wildest and craziest fun episodes to date! Do not miss this one!

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