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Three B Zine Podcast! Presents: Beer Night in San Diego!
Join us each week as we celebrate Beer Night in San Diego! Tune in to hear the best in Local Craft Beers, Local Food and Local Music in San Diego!
Category: Society & Culture
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March 13, 2019 10:11 AM PDT

Its Beer Night in San Diego and were back in business! This week we are joined by one of our greatest friends of the show Mr. Cesar Torres from Fall Brewing Co in North Park. Tune in to hear all about whats new with Cesar and Fall Brewing including a taste and insight into their beer that won at the LA IPA Fest as well sampling some of Fall’s latest can releases and their approach to beers now and headed into 2019. We also hear Fall’s approach to distro headed into 2019 including beer being sent out to neighboring cities, expansion and more. Also, hear about some awesome events and new beers coming out from Fall Brewing in the very near future. We also sample some new beers from local friends while we cover some news stories from the past week in San Diego beer, and hear about some rad events and an awesome new charity beer from Burgeon Beer Co and how you can support the cause by Reclaiming the Wild. And of course, don’t miss out on this weeks edition of New Can Alerts to hear whats new and upcoming in SD Beer. All this plus much more including an update to our Patreon Tier system for supporters and a new Social Media hashtag game/challenge where YOU can win awesome prizes from the BNISD crew (#BNISD), adapting to the market, International Women’s Collab Brew Day, missing past Presidents, taking San Clemente as part of San Diego, BBA beers in cans instead of bottles and we finally find out if we finally made our way into Tier 1 Friendship or not. Come on in to laugh and learn with us!

February 27, 2019 01:31 PM PST

Were back again, folks! This week we are joined by longtime great friend and one of the best beer writers and minds in San Diego Mr. Ian Cheesman. Tune in this week as we host a Free Form beer share show, where each of us brings whatever we feel like! No rules, folks! While sampling some great new beers from around the county don’t miss out as we break down some of the biggest beer news stories of the week and get some inside opinions on whats happening. Also, don’t miss out on the first ever Beer Night Court - Where Judge Ian holds 2 hosts accountable for past actions, and Jury Tom rules out convictions for the accused. Plus, we get a very in depth look into the closing of Council from Ian based on this months cover article from West Coaster about the Council closing, and we get to drink a super rare very special beer from Council. Also, don’t miss out on this weeks New Can Alerts presented by Mike. Plus, don’t miss an unfortunate big announcement from the show. All this plus much more including discussion on classic beers in distro in San Diego, some amazing insight into the new Koelschip at Burning Beard, Bryce Harper’s hair, D&D talk, mysterious wrestling birds, are we peaking on hype beer or are we right in the hype beer prime? and hype beer pricing and the culture as its changing and tons more. Don’t miss out on a fun time with one of our favorite return guests.

February 20, 2019 11:04 AM PST

Beer Night in San Diego returns! And this week we are doing something a little different for a fun one time a year event - We are diving into our first annual Girl Scout Cookie and Beer Pairing Party. Joining us this week to tackle 5 different cookie and beer pairings are two folks who have worked in the beer industry for many years - Tabitha Thompson and Burgeon Beer Co’s Assistant Tasting Room Manager Lucia D’Elia. We also take some time to get to know Lucia even more to learn where her passion and love for the craft community and beer education comes from. Plus, hear about some new exciting things happening over at Burgeon Beer in Carlsbad. We also dive into a couple local news stories, both of which include EXCLUSIVE statements from the parties involved that you may not have heard anywhere else. Of course you won’t want to miss this weeks brand new edition of New Can Alerts for the coming, and what to look out for in San Diego beer releases. All this plus much more including Manny Machado excitement (Go Padres!), we re-fall in love with Chocotaso thanks to Chew Your Beer, San Diego winter, info on how to get into the industry by channeling your passion, some delicious cheese talk, entitlement in beer, playing pogo, upcoming anniversary events and tons more. Don’t miss out on what turned out to be one of our most fun episodes in awhile.

February 13, 2019 11:30 AM PST

Beer Night in San Diego is BACK! This week we are so stoked to be joined by the great Brian and Christa Mitchell of Pariah Brewing Co in North Park. Pariah is just coming off of their 2nd Anniversary which saw a weekend filled with new and return favorite beer releases. Tune in as we get a guided tasting through these latest releases as well as a more of their great offerings. We dive into Pariah’s approach to both their hazy offerings as well as their entire beer line up. We also get an inside look at what Pariah has learned as business owners in the first two years and their outlook on marketing their brand. We also get a break down on the Resilience IPA and how the opportunity presented itself and hear an in-depth discussion on the recipe itself. We also learn about Pariah’s approach and thoughts on distro for their canned beer offerings and some insight on the future of their distro plans. We also get their take on the neighborhood of North Park in regards to saturation and the changes that are occurring in the neighborhood. Plus, don’t miss out on multiple EXCLUSIVE announcements from Pariah Brewing Co. All this plus much more including can people tell the difference on special releases year after year, the odd world of Instagram beer culture, the first ever Capri Sun style pouch beers, bringing back the IBU wars as well as younger drinkers vs veteran drinkers and the difference in beer availability now vs 10 years ago, learning the roots of beer, can pack prices, International Women’s Brew Day discussion, Brewery Igniter talk and so much more. Tune in to laugh AND learn with us!

February 05, 2019 07:00 PM PST

This week we are back with one of our favorite shows of every year, our Annual Brewbies Festival Episode with the one and only Melanie Pierce! Recorded at Bagby Beer in Oceanside. Tune in as we discuss all the great things happening at the 10th Annual Brewbies Festival happening Saturday February 9th at Bagby Beer. Hear all about how this festival raises so much money for Keep A Breast, who works to support and teach young people about their health. Hear the history of Brewbies and how it came from a fun idea at GABF to one of if not the best beer festival occurring in multiple cities. Also, hear a big Beer Night Exclusive announcement about the continued growth of Brewbies. We also break down the breweries in attendance including some head turning out of town breweries and some of the amazing beers that will be poured. And of course, get a break down of some of the one off specialty Pink Beers which will be pouring and get an in depth look at some of the pink beer brew days which Melanie and Dande Bagby took part in. We also mentions some of the new rad things happening with Bagby Beer you can all be super stoked about. All this plus much more including boring Super Bowls, lovable dog talk, Flagship February and why we feel its important, donating money to tattoo a Beer Night host, how you at home can be on top of your health, ridiculous fake names, finding your own items on eBay, White Castle vs Del Taco and TONS more fun. Don’t miss easily our favorite episode of each and every year about easily the best beer festival of the year.

January 29, 2019 01:30 PM PST

The boys are back and this week with Super Bowl Sunday right around the corner, we needed to call an audible due to illness, but the show must go on! We are doing our first In Studio Show of 2019. We dive into another “Free Style” show this week we we sample some out of town cans from a recent road trip as well as some brand new beer releases from San Diego. While sampling these great offerings, we dive into our first big news segment of 2019 and break down some of the biggest news stories in the San Diego beer community including new brewery openings, a couple local favorite breweries are expanding and we break down info on some incredible beer events happening soon. Plus, we break down our first NEW CAN ALERT of the year as well as a long awaited brand new edition of Fact or Fiction! Plus, don’t miss out on the official trophy ceremony from last years Celebration Bowl Championship! All this plus much more including hazy beers filling up that gut, we started a “News Desk” email to send us news, events and more to share on the show, we give an update on Resilience Bowl standings, exciting upcoming Barleywines in town, cooking soup in a jacuzzi, how you can help support some very serious and important causes through beer, how to use local beers to introduce non beer drinkers to the community and tons more on the freestyle, mega fun episode!

January 22, 2019 08:20 PM PST

Hey Now! Were back this week after some time off due to illness and this week we are LIVE at the Burgeon Beer Co 2nd Anniversary Party and Beer Fest! Tune in as we are joined by some of the amazing breweries in attendance for a day filled with great beer and even better friendships and celebration. First, we dive in together to discuss some of the great thing happening during the day and discuss some of the Burgeon Beer anniversary releases. Our First guest is Taylor West, Co-Founder of Humble Sea in Santa Cruz. We hear their history and story, their approach to their beers, thoughts on distro and and tons more. Next, we are joined by Eric Drew - Co Founder and Head Brewer of Casa Agria in Oxnard Ca. We hear about his deep passion for BA and Farmhouse beers, how he got his start into brewing while sampling some of their Saisons, we hear about them winning for GABF and World Beer Cup, get some insight into blending beers and so much more. Next we are joined by Nicholas and Kirk of Artifex Brewing in San Clemente and surprise guest Robert Masterson of Resident Brewing. We learn about Artifex’s history, their approach to beer, what it was like to win at GABF, their approach to marketing and design work for their cans and more. Plus hear about some upcoming collabs from our friends at Resident Brewing. We finish the show with two of our good buddies, Justin Seleska and Noah Scoville. We hear all about their favorite beers from the day, Resilience Bowl championships and tons more. All this plus much more including Hemingway’s favorite Burgeon beer offering, we get a sneak peak of a yet to be released beer from a local favorite on the show, Mexico trips, what is the true Kook capital of CA, we learn why these great brewers love collaborations so much, beer and arcade game parties, brut IPA discussion, will the government shut down hurt breweries in CA and so much more. Grab a beer and enjoy the ride, folks!

January 08, 2019 07:19 PM PST

Beer Night in San Diego is back with our first episode of 2019! This week to ring in a brand new year of great local beer podcasts, we are joined by 2 of the Founders of Burgeon Beer Co - Matthew Zirpolo and Derek Van Leeuwen! Also, Matthew is 2019’s President of the San Diego Brewers Guild. Tune in as we hear all about what is new with the great folks at Burgeon Beer since the last time they were guests on our show. While we sample some of their brand new beer offerings, we dive into their growth through year 2 including new tank additions as well as the addition of a bottling and canning line for their beers. Hear their motivation to own their own canning line and their thoughts on can distribution. We also get an inside look at Burgeon winning their first GABF medal in 2018 for their Nobel Miner. Also, we break down all the exciting info around their upcoming 2nd Anniversary Party! Tune in to hear all about this amazing festival with over 30 breweries participating, and also learn about the 3 beers being released at the party, including BBA Glazed, a DDH Collab IPA and a brand new NE style IPA. Plus, we dive into some questions with San Diego’s new President and discuss his priorities as President of the Guild, what he sees as threats to local, indie beer success and his approach and passion for education and knowledge in local, independent beer. Plus, hear about some of their upcoming collaborations in 2019 and their approach to the juggernaut style - Hazy IPAs. All this plus much more including discussion on the Government shutdown and how it is affecting local breweries, the possibility of a hazy mexican lager, blasting Flo Rida in delivery vans, how to submit beers to which categories at competitions, thoughts on quality in San Diego beer, how becoming competitive becomes poisonous, flying in small planes, we have a very special and exclusive day one canned beer and so, so much more! Don’t miss this one folks, and head over to buy tickets to the anniversary party before they sell out.

December 22, 2018 09:42 AM PST

Beer Night in San Diego is BACK! For quite possibly our final episode…of 2018! We will be back with all of our indie beer loving, local beer supporting fun in 2019. But this week, we dive back into a mini style show to help ring in the holiday season and we focus on Winter Warmers! Tune in to hear all about the history of this “style” and we sample a few great winter warmer beers. We also break down some local beer news including an update from a news story we reported on last week regarding Benchmark Brewing. Also, don’t miss out on this latest edition of Small Brewery Showcase where we feature Papa Marce’s Cerveceria in Carlsbad. Hear their history, their approach to their beers and we sample two of their offerings on the show. Plus, we sample one of the first Resilience IPAs to be released in San Diego AND have a very special and ultra rare bottle from a local brewery, which we have been waiting and wishing to try! Oh, and don’t miss a very quick New Can Alert to wrap up the episode. All this plus much more including craigslist bikes and helmets, rare bird alerts, holiday plans, why are winter beers hard to find this year, drinking verticals, a new beer drinking challenge is created where YOU the listener can participate, beers for Santa, hoarding meat in your pockets and tons more. Tune in and finish your year strong with Beer Night in San Diego!

December 16, 2018 03:08 PM PST

Hey Now! This week we are back with an Extra Innings edition of Beer Night in San Diego where we sit down to discuss some of the biggest news stories in San Diego’s beer community. This week we dive into the news stories which have rocked the local beer community - the closing of Council Brewing as well as the troubles and issues happening at Benchmark Brewing. Tune in as we break down the news occurring with both of the local breweries while we sample a couple offerings from both on the show. We also give some opinion on whats going on (of course) as well as discuss the possible future of local beer heading into 2019, plus tons more. (And yes, we are aware of new updates on these stories which will be updated on episode 202. Keep an eye out for that.) Plus, we break down an extra innings edition of New Can Alert! All this plus, our thoughts on if we have reached the peak in San Diego beer, we discuss the hated statement “bubble burst” and how much we dislike it, what can we possibly expect in the coming months, and through 2019 in regards to news like this and why supporting local and supporting Indie Beer is more important now than ever before. Don’t miss this weeks all news, short edition of our weekly beer podcast.

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