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Three B Zine Podcast! Presents: Beer Night in San Diego!
Join us each week as we celebrate Beer Night in San Diego! Tune in to hear the best in Local Craft Beers, Local Food and Local Music in San Diego!
Category: Society & Culture
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August 15, 2018 08:48 PM PDT

Everyones favorite night is back - Its Beer Night in San Diego! This week we are joined by great friend of the show Chris AKA Average Beer Dude (@AverageBeerDude) for this weeks theme show - Small Brewery Showcase! We dive into a couple of smaller, lesser discussed breweries this week in a way to continue an onslaught of promotion for true, local and independent breweries. Tune in to hear what is the first of many small brewery episodes where we sample and discuss great beverages from some lesser discussed locations in town. While we sample these beers we also dive into some local beer news happening right now in our fine city. Tune in to her about the first fresh hop beer of the season, the staggering numbers of hazy style beers entered into GABF 2018, some great upcoming local events one of which we will be recording at LIVE, information on an upcoming beer competition which again we will take part in plus new local spots who will now be canning and crowlering beers on site. Also, breweries new location which will be opening and what to expect. Also, the robot is alive and well for this weeks New Can Alerts! All this plus much more including pizzas too big to get inside of a door, Cody forgot a crucial beer for the show and feels bad, WHY supporting small, local, independent breweries is so important - now more than ever, sketchy sky diving, growlers vs crowler talks, best pizza coming to town, more pineapple pizza hate, we break down some incredible local mead and tons more.

August 07, 2018 09:18 PM PDT

Everyones favorite night is back! Its Beer Night in San Diego! This week all 4 hosts are together again and we are setting our sights on all things Central Coast. Mike has returned from a road trip and he has brought back many canned gifts for the show. Tune in as we sample a ton of Central Coast cans and crowlers and hear a ton of details on each of the breweries featured. While we sample some great beers from Mike’s road trip we also dive into some local beer news. Hear all about the statement released by the San Diego Brewers Guild about a certain brewery, hear about a San Diego brewery expanding its reach to Northern California with a new tasting room and hear the winner of this years Sore Eye Cup. Plus, hear about not one, but TWO new breweries opening in San Diego very soon plus some details on each. Plus hear some news thanks to a member of the Beer Plexus about Escondido looking to bring in local breweries to open tasting rooms and info on how to make it happen. Plus, don’t miss out when the Robot invades the show again this week during New Can Alerts! All this plus much more including humidity, best time to visit Monterey to beat crowds, road trip etiquette including car snackage, baseball fans in different cities, sneaking pours at beer festivals, Mike and his leaky crowlers, how to road trip with beers in the car, Modern Times bottling news and so much more. Don’t miss out on this weeks fun Road Trip Edition of Beer Night in San Diego.

August 01, 2018 08:36 PM PDT

Everyones favorite evening is back! Its Beer Night in San Diego! This week we are joined by the Queen of Hops the one and only Liz Bauer - Owner and Operator of the local business Hops Bauer! For our style choice this week Liz chose a specific hop to focus on for the evening - This week we are sampling beers with Cascade hops! Hear all about this hop variety and learn all about how it was born, how it is used and tons more. Tune in as we sample a ton of great local beers while we learn more about Liz and what she does for hops and local beer. Hear how she found her way not only into the world of local beer but also the world of hops. Hear how you can help support local hop growers and farmers with your beer drinking dollar. Plus, hear about some exciting new hops coming soon to San Diego AND hear a very exciting and big announcement - Heard here on our show first from Hops Bauer! We also dive into a brand new segment for the first time ever - Small Brewery Spotlight! This week we sample beer and discuss whats going on with Align in Miralani Makers District. Tune in each week as we continue to spotlight small, independent breweries. We also break down some up coming Wet Hop Beers for wet hop season including a ton of collabs with Nickel Beer. We also dive in to this weeks NEW CAN ALERTS! All this plus much more including bobbleheads in studio, find out the most grown hop in San Diego and why it grows so well in our climate, beer tastes going full circle, learn the best situation and why/how hops grow best in certain regions, coming up with fun beer names, confusion with beer names, drinking beer and getting high scores on Big Game Hunter, vegetarian “wings”, too much glassware and so much more!

July 24, 2018 09:31 PM PDT

Beer Night in San Diego is back! This week all four of the hosts are back together again and together we are diving back into our themed style shows. For this episode the pre chosen style is - Cream Ales! Tune in as we dive into some local cream ales while we discuss the history of this under appreciated style as well as food pairings and more. Also, tune in to hear Tom break down some of the best stops he made on his trip to Germany. We also break down some sad news in San Diego beer including TWO small breweries announcing that they are closing their doors. We also discuss the news about whats happening with the shuttered Depot Springs spot in La Mesa. Also, hear about a very important upcoming beer documentary that is sure to re shape some of the culture in the beer community. We break down some of the upcoming beer releases in easily our wildest version yet of NEW CAN ALERTS and celebrate the return of the New Can Robot! We also play a brand new edition of Fact of Fiction LIVE! All this plus tons more including old shell fish, unauthorized schnitzel, we finally make Ryan laugh, how is Stone doing in Germany, people requesting non indie beer at tasting rooms and why supporting local businesses and independent breweries is so important, we can never go to Arizona again, ending bro culture and TONS more on one of our wildest and craziest fun episodes to date! Do not miss this one!

July 17, 2018 11:44 AM PDT

Beer Night in San Diego is back! Everyones favorite evening in everyones favorite city! This week we are diving into some awesome summer time crushers to help beat this current summer time heat. We throw back some brand new beers and some classics thanks to Culture Brewing, Abnormal Beer and more. Plus, we break down some of our go-to summer beers. Also, tune in to hear some of the recent local beer news including a new tasting room opening after a lot of anticipation and we discuss the odd future for a once local brewery. Plus, hear about the upcoming Sore Eye Suds “Sore Eye Cup” now in its 6th year and how you can be a part of the fun. We also discuss info on the upcoming San Diego Brewers Guild Fest - Tickets on sale now - and we share some big news about out show regarding the biggest beer fest in America. (Hint. We will be attending GABF for the 3rd year in a row as “media”.) Also, don’t miss out on this weeks list of New Can Alerts! We also discuss upcoming Comic Con and some local recommendations for people visiting the Con from out of town. All this plus much more including schooling kids in a snow ball fight, we discuss how much we are missing Tom, using beer cans to cool your body temp, sushi discussion, why we like beers with real deal fruit in them, reacting to bad jokes, what makes perfect boat attire, smuggling food on a plane, recording a live shower beer episode, learn how to win a free t shirt from us and tons more!

July 10, 2018 01:08 PM PDT

Everyones favorite evening is back! Its Beer Night in San Diego! This week we are two hosts down, but we are fortunate to be joined by good friend of the show and great local beer mind Mr. Noah Scoville - Tour Lead for Stone Brewing Co! Tune in as we enjoy many new beers on the show including a brand new R&D beer that has never been tasted outside of the Stone brewery, brand new w00t Stout 6.0 and a Stone Apricot Sour. First, hear some of Noah’s craft beer story, some of the local beers he fell in love with first and how he found his way into the local beer community. We also hear about a big award that was given to Stone and the city of San Diego from the Full Circle beer Stone produced last year and hear all about things being done at Stone to help the environment. We also hear info and learn more about the upcoming Hop Con 6.0 and the Stone 22nd Anniversary including info on the 22nd Anniversary IPA (coming soon.) Plus, don’t miss out on this weeks latest NEW CAN ALERTS! All this plus much more including Instagram numbers, learn about the R&D process for Stone Brewing, marketing and can art for consumers, the importance of “rolling” hazy cans, trends and where local beer headed in the future, drinking stouts in speedos, Charlie Brown kicking crowlers and too much more to even mention. Don’t miss this super fun local beer episode!

July 03, 2018 07:57 PM PDT

Beer Night in San Diego is back! Everyones favorite night has returned. This week we have yet again lifted the IPA Hiatus for another fun episode. With the hiatus ban lifted and to celebrate the Holiday week we dive head first in to the brand new Southern Hemisphere Hop Pack from Sierra Nevada. The pack comes with 4 new canned offerings, all made with different southern hemisphere hops and we break down each one. We also sample a few other new to us beers this week while we break down some of the news happening in San Diego Beer this week. Tune in to hear about this years Homebrew Con award winners from San Diego, we discuss news on a recent brewery closing and discuss the coming of a few new breweries that are currently in planning/build out etc. Plus, we discuss a new cider brewery that has opened in Miramar neighborhood. Plus, don’t miss out on this weeks New Can Alert announcements and we bring back an old segment we haven’t done in quite awhile when we dive into the mailbag to Get Social with listener questions. All this plus much more including stepping up your beer instagram game, whats the deal with sour IPAs, some anger surfaces over this years “Best Beers in America” list and why we don’t see enough San Diego beers on the list, closures vs openings, Cody is still bummed about the Bagby Burger, vodka and redbull and how bad it is, yeast for Hazy IPAs and tons more fun. Don’t miss out folks!

June 27, 2018 08:10 PM PDT

Another moon has set on our wonderful city which can only mean one thing…Its Beer Night in San Diego! Were back again and this week we are joined by great friend of the show Chris AKA Average Beer Dude. Our theme this week - New Beers of San Diego. Tune in as we finally lift the IPA Hiatus and dive in to some of the latest beers to be released in San Diego. Plus, don’t miss out as we discuss some of the local news topics happening in local beer including news about South Norte becoming the first US Independent Brewery to have a location in Mexico and Societe crowlers are now ready. Plus hear about a brewery who just purchased a brand new canning line and their canning plans, hear about a new brewery that opened under everyones radar and hear news about the upcoming anniversary party with our friends over at Longship Brewery. Plus, hear news about more expansion from Mother Earth Brew Co. Also, don’t miss out as we break out the robot to announce NEW CAN ALERTS! All this plus much more including why Grandmas love us so much, growing prices in distro cans, the evolution of hazy IPAs as well as West Coast IPAs becoming popular out East, people hating on Alchemist when it landed in town, secondary trade values, more fair discussion, where to get singles and the single can sales game and tons more. Don’t miss out on what turned out to be a seriously fun episode.

June 20, 2018 08:47 PM PDT

Beer Night in San Diego has returned! This week we are joined by two great friends of the show - Chris and Matt - Co-Creators of Growler Hour and award winning home brew team. Together we dive into Saison Night in San Diego. Tune in as we break down the history and style information on Saisons as well as sample some great local saisons. Plus, the folks at Growler Hour share their special Saison which they recently brewed to bring and share on the show. While we do this we get to know our guests a bit - Hear their beginning, tips for home brewing, beers that got them excited about the world of beer and much more. Plus, we discuss a few small news topics including New Can Alert where we break down all the new and upcoming cans in San Diego. Plus hear about a new collab between Beer Fish and Pat McIlhenney coming soon, we break down some real data from the Brewers Association regarding the true success of the Independent Seal and we get a field report from a good friend and listener about the newly opened Green Flash in Nebraska. Plus, don’t miss out on a brand new segment/game - The Hot Seat! Hosted by Tom. All this plus much more including North East Saisons (joke), we break down some serious geek brewing discussion, barreling home brew style, drinking before 21, some more Brut IPA talk, pineapple on pizza, a torn panel on chili beers, will more San Diego breweries open satellite spots in other cities/states, life changing appetizers and tons more. Tune in to laugh and learn with us!

June 14, 2018 09:27 PM PDT
itunes pic

Beer Night in San Diego is back with a brand new Extra Innings edition! Joining us for this special extra episode is the one and only Mr. Ian Cheesman. Tune in as we cover some things we didn’t get to cover during our Wheel of Beer episode. We dive in to two special cans released here in San Diego including a new lager from Pariah Brewing as well as a triple IPA from Intergalactic Brewing. While we enjoy these beers we fire up the New Can Alert Robot to hear all about the brand new and upcoming can releases coming soon in the San Diego beer community. Also, hear Ryan and Tom break down their trip to the brand new all kombucha brewery in North Park. Which leads us into a discussion about what kombucha “is”, why people are so into it and much more boooooch discussion.
All this plus much more including bad lighting, good can copy, taking down mega al pastor, Tom calls out a celebrity officially, balance on triple IPAs, cars running on super strong beers, super deep Vs, never using Google Image Search again and tons more. Tune in for a fun Extra Innings episode, folks!

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