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Beer Night in San Diego! Presented by Three B Zine Podcast!
Join us each week as we celebrate Beer Night in San Diego! San Diego's Best Beer Podcast!
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May 27, 2020 02:59 PM PDT

This week we are excited to be joined by two members of the great team at Burgeon Beer in Carlsbad, tune in as we chat with Mackenzie Graham and Cesar Torres to discuss all things Burgeon Beer. Don’t miss out as we sample their latest can releases while we discuss how Burgeon quickly shifted their focus once the closures from Covid hit, we discuss their newly available options (Online ordering, delivery, CA shipping) and what may stay once the state reopens. We also dive into some of the plans and thoughts about reopening as the state prepares to allow places to slowly open the doors, and we discuss Burgeon’s thoughtful approach to allowing folks to enjoy beer in house safely. We also discuss the changes that occurred with packaging beer and we discuss some of the upcoming can and glassware releases. Also, we discuss the plans for their two new locations The Greenhouse and The Arbor and what people can look forward to from these locations. We also dive into some of the things we are looking forward to most when things get back to “normal.” All this plus much more including an announcement on the reopening on Stone Brewing, approach to drinkable Hazy IPAs, the importance of a strong team, haze gut, human cannonballs, specialty glassware and why its important and tons more. Don’t miss out on this fun, informative and engaging episode loaded with exciting information from Burgeon Beer.

May 20, 2020 02:35 PM PDT

We have a fun and informative episode for you this week. This week we are joined by Anne and Aaron Ortega and Bobby Parsons - The founder and operators of the great Northern Pine Brewing in Oceanside. Tune in as we hear the story of how Northern Pine came from a home brew team to commercial brewery, how a tragedy pushed them to make their dream a reality and we discuss their approach to beers as we sample 3 of their offerings. Plus, we also discuss how they have shifted their business during the pandemic and their plans moving forward including a very successful fundraising campaign to acquire a canning machine to continue providing beer to go to the public. We also dive into some of their future plans including a satellite tasting room in Del Mar, brand new packaged beer and tons more. We also discuss possible plans with CA pushing to reopen the state and where that may leave local, independent breweries when this officially happens and what we can expect, and of course how we can continue to support or favorite local breweries. All this plus much more including quarantine facial hair help, sharing beers remotely with brand new state of the art technology, pairing food and beer, local breweries stepping in to assist when needed and the spirit of collaboration, big beers as gateway beers, a historic brewing system and the scary truth that local businesses are facing during these closures. All this plus TONS more. Don’t miss this amazing episode with an amazing local brewery. **This is recorded virtually. Keep that in mind.**

May 13, 2020 10:02 AM PDT

We have a HUGE and special show for you this week. Almost like a 2 for 1 episode of AWESOME! Not only this week do we do our first ever virtual podcast, but it also marks the official return of Tom to Beer Night in San Diego. Tune in as we chat with SDSU’s latest graduate and our long time co host about whats new with him, how he’s handling the quarantine and we discuss some of the new systems he has been using to acquire great, independent beer and some of the most consumed beers while he’s been on lock down. Plus, on the second portion of this weeks episode we surprise Tom with a very special guest - Chris Enegren - Owner snd Head Brewer for the great Enegren Brewing in Moorpark. Don’t miss out as we hear all about the history behind Enegren Brewing, their approach to beers, their deep rooted passion in German style beers and of course we discuss the latest released can collaboration with Bierstadt in Colorado. We also discuss home brewing tips, upcoming Enegren canned releases and how we as beer consumers can continue to support Enegren and other independent breweries. Don’t miss this special guest which includes some very in depth lager talk and discussion. All this plus much more including beer furniture, taking this pandemic seriously, hitting the cycle on the field and with beer, math homework, focusing mainly on lagers in a hop forward world, beer and food pairings, smoked beer, tips for home brewers in regards to making lagers and tons more. This is one epic show you do not want to miss.

May 07, 2020 12:20 PM PDT

This week were still supporting local, independent beer in San Diego. Tune in as this week we dive in big time to some of the recently released All Together cans, a worldwide collaboration raising money for industry workers affected by Covid-19. Plus, we finally get to sample the newest brand under the Lost Abbey umbrella - one of our most anticipated cans on the show. Also, don’t miss out as we break down some of the big news stories in local beer from this week including some sad local news. We discuss the Beer Night Stimulus Package and how you can win Version 2, and don’t miss this weeks edition of the best beer podcast segment ever - New Cans! All this plus much more including someone is really excited about Brutus T Bubbles, how we would like to see some hop scented cologne created, beer ice cream, GABF memories, trying to steal San Clemente from Orange County, keeping our brain fresh during quarantine, Star Wars themed beers, we take a trip to a tropical island and much more. Tune in for some fun, normalcy and entertainment that only BNISD can deliver!

April 29, 2020 04:46 PM PDT

This week we are continuing to support our local, independent beer community by sampling and discussing new released beers in San Diego. Tune in this week as we also host a brand new edition of our Small Brewery Showcase featuring the great Burning Beard Brewing. We also dive into the world of beer news including local and non local news including finally a feel good story for you. And of course we finish off with everyones favorite beer podcast segment - New Can Alerts presented by Mike. Plus, we sample our first All Together release from a hugely ISO brewery. All this plus much more including local beer delivery services, staying away from tigers, we discuss the Beer Night Stimulus Package and how you can win, spontaneous fermentation, why these protests need to end, how to support families in need with food donations, living in the beermuda triangle of San Diego, fresh threads, a birthday is celebrated on the show with a new show favorite can, Bane stops by to say hello and tons more.

April 22, 2020 04:18 PM PDT

This week we continue to support local, independent beer by sharing and discussing new release offerings picked up through new avenues including online ordering, delivery, curb side pick up to show just how easy and safe it is to continue supporting local beer during these unprecedented times. This week we also host our first ever Patreon Q&A with questions sent in from our longtime supporters. Tune in to this new segment to get to know us a little bit more while we break down questions about favorite beers, food items and tons more fun which leads into some great beer discussion topics. Plus, we sample some Orange County beers brought on the show and don’t miss this weeks edition of New Can Alerts where we break down all of the upcoming releases in San Diego beer. Plus, we launch our brand new “Beer Night in San Diego Stimulus Package” and hear how YOU can take part and have BNISD send you some much needed provisions. All this plus much more including testing new locally made hand sanitizer from Mike Hess, fruit on pizza, Summer Preview beers are shared, proper care for crowlers and bottles of different stouts, Godzilla references, perfect golfing beers, beers going from small batch to full production and a special very ISO beer to finish things off. Tune in as we hope to bring some joy, normalcy and entertainment to your week. Yes, the episode is long - We are all at home, so tune in!

April 15, 2020 01:40 PM PDT

We are still here for you, providing what we hope is a sense of normalcy, some joy and entertainment in these troubling times. And of course, promoting and supporting local, independent beer. This week we dive into some of the news happening around the community and of course we break down the great upcoming can releases happening soon in San Diego in this weeks New Can Alerts. We also hold a Small Brewery Showcase featuring Rouleur Brewing in Carlsbad and sample 3 of their latest cans including their Third Anniversary Triple IPA. Plus, we discuss some of the things keeping us sane at home and the things we look forward to most when the world returns to normal. All this plus much more including crashing bike stories, we discuss how Trader Joes does in fact allow the purchase of single cans and bottles, a couch made of fresh cans, Mike fantasizes about his “new normal”, one stop shop beer delivery in North County, the fair has been cancelled and tons more. We know this show is long, but hey, we all need entertainment right now.

April 08, 2020 03:32 PM PDT

Beer Night in San Diego is still trucking along in an attempt to bring some normalcy, joy and entertainment to your day and of course, our main focus, to continue promoting and supporting local breweries, pubs and beer bars during this difficult time. Tune in this week as we dive into some new released cans in San Diego that we got via delivery, to go and online ordering to show how easy it is to continue supporting local, independent businesses. Also this week, we discuss shipping options in California and dive into a couple cans ordered for shipping. All this while we break down some community news, we dive into New Cans with Mike and we also break down the Brewers Associations fact sheet on the troubling numbers on how Covid-19 could hurt the future of small, independent beer. All this plus much more including breaking down a new fun hop, Strata, why we love single hop beers, hogging cans and bottles, stealing halloween candy, jumping the gun on ordering cans, Abe Lincoln cans are celebrated, how to safely do beer releases during Covid-19 and tons more. Tune in as we hope to bring some normalcy, entertainment and support for the local beer community.

April 01, 2020 04:32 PM PDT

In an attempt to continue bringing a sense of normalcy, joy and entertainment to the world we are still here and we are dropping a brand new SD Beer episode for you! This week we are back with a similar theme as last week - Trying out and picking up local beers through the new systems available to consumers - Delivery, To Go, Online Ordering etc. to show just how easy and safe it is to still support local, independent businesses. Tune in as we sample some new releases and break down some local news including the unfortunate closing of a local brewery. Plus, we discuss shipping of out of town beers to San Diego and how easy it is becoming to access out of town beers. Plus, don’t miss out on this weeks edition of New Can Alerts plus in hope of entertaining you, our wonderful listeners, we present a game this week. Hop Varietal or Star Wars Planet! All this plus much more including crushing an entire fridge of beer during lock down, getting growler fills at a beer bar, we dive into some quality home brewed beers from Z Style Brewing, King vs Rattlesnake, Noah is introduced to Saved By The Bell, smoked meats and tons more. Tune in as we try to bring a small sense of normalcy to a crazy time, and hopefully some joy, entertainment and support for our local, independent breweries. (Yes this episode is Double Extra Large but what else do we all have to do? Sit back and listen!)

March 26, 2020 12:16 AM PDT

This week we are back again. Even the shut downs can’t keep us out of the game! (Truthfully, we record in a private, protected space. We are social distancing and taking precautions NOT in public.) This week the theme for our show is beers we could get from all the new options for local beer happening now. Tasting rooms are CLOSED (boo) but local independent breweries are now offering beer to go, curb side pick up, delivery and online ordering. So we tried out some of these new systems to tell you how easy they are to use and how effective they are in supporting local breweries. We tested the systems, and we are letting you know how they work and how YOU can utilize said systems to stock up on local beer and continue to support local. Which needs to happen now more than ever before. Plus, we discuss some local news stories and we break down upcoming can releases happening in town during New Beers with Mike! Plus we finish the show off with some dessert for a change. All this plus much more including new testing procedures in the studio, will these new delivery/online options continue after quarantine ends, ordering beer to be shipped, a host embarrasses himself, trying to curb some burger cravings, Mike tries to give away his segment and tons more. Tune in as we not only test out the new systems to show how easy it is to support local beer now more than ever, plus, we try to bring some normalcy, joy and entertainment to some scary times. Stay safe everyone.

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