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Beer Night in San Diego! Presented by Three B Zine Podcast!
Join us each week as we celebrate Beer Night in San Diego! Tune in to hear the best in Local Craft Beers, Local Food and Local Music in San Diego!
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February 23, 2020 04:03 PM PST

This week we bring to you something brand new that we have NEVER done before. Tune in to the first ever Beer Night Rewind Episode! Unfortunately this week ALL of the hosts are either out of town or can’t be in the studio - which sucks! - but to keep content coming we are giving a re birth to an old episode from our library and history. Tune in as we re-present to your our 70th episode ever. This is the episode that sent a shockwave through the community as we 1. Say goodbye to Ballast Point as this was the week they sold for 1 billion dollars. and 2. this is the episode were we coined the term Indie Beer or #IndieBeer for San Diego! This episode comes to you all the way back from November 2015 - Before Mike and Noah joined the show and when our original co host Dustin was still on the show. It also includes our original segment which has since been ended “New Beers of the Week”, we also present a segment we used to do called “Get Social” where we answer YOUR questions (Which is coming back in 2020) Tom gets in trouble at a local brewery and we get angry over pizza. Plus tons more. So tune in as we take you all the way back to November 2015 for a little piece of our history on the first ever Beer Night Rewind episode! Its a wildly good time, folks. Trust us!

February 19, 2020 09:10 PM PST

This week we bring you a doozy of an episode. Strap in folks for our first ever Triple IPA night! Tune in as we discuss what a Triple IPA is (sort of) including some guidelines on the style, ABV range and more while we sample numerous Triple IPAs from some local breweries as well as a surprise out of town beer. Also, don’t miss out as we break down some fun news in local, San Diego Beer including an exclusive story directly for our show including a statement from an upcoming brewery/restaurant. We also get a beer report from Santa Cruz and Monterey. Plus, we dive into this weeks edition of New Can Alerts while we sample a couple of brand new to market local canned offerings. All this plus much more including going full Mortal Kombat on good beers, the stupidest question in our shows history is asked on this episode, the weirdest rental system we have ever heard of, one hosts pure fear of water, we discuss the partnership between Stone and SD Loyal Soccer Club and tons more. You do not want to miss this super show, folks! The best thing you will hear all week!

February 12, 2020 07:34 PM PST

This week we dive back in to our series of shows - Small Brewery Showcase. These shows allow us to really dive in deep to share info, history, beers and more to help the community get to know some of the best small breweries in San Diego. This weeks showcased small brewery is Stave and Nail from San Marcos. Tune in as we discuss some of their history, their story, approach to beers as well as we do a run down of 5 Stave and Nail Imperial Stout cans as well as their first ever Stave Society member only Wild Ale bottle. Also this week, to start off the show we have not one but TWO big show altering announcements. Tune in to hear what those announcements are and what to expect headed into the future with BNISD. Also, we discuss some rad local beer news, we break down this weeks upcoming Can Releases in our New Cans segment and we break down a terrifying beer story that happened with beer campers waiting for a new canned IPA. All this plus much more including getting applause when you enter a room, local seltzers, standing in lines for beer in 2020, what is grape pomace, quality session IPAs and hazy sessions and tons more. Tune in to laugh and learn with us.

February 04, 2020 07:49 PM PST

This week we are excited to host our Second Annual Girl Scout Cookie and Beer Pairing episode. Tune in as we choose 4 Girl Scout Cookies and pair each of them with some stellar beers (Local and otherwise) and we dive into the flavor profiles, why we chose the pairings we did and how you can host your own cookie and beer pairing party with friends and family. Plus, we dive into some Hawaii beers brought to the show from Noah and discuss some of the happenings with the Hawaii beer scene. Also, hear some awesome news about Noah. We also discuss a couple of very cool and exciting news stories in local beer and don’t miss out on this weeks edition of New Cans where you can learn all about the great upcoming beer releases in San Diego. All this plus much more including who is the REAL cookie monster, the hosts clearly don’t know geography and have to Google for a map, how to fight terrorism, getting our dunk on and tons more. Don’t miss out on this year cookie and beer pairing!

January 28, 2020 07:36 PM PST

Tune in this week as we truly bring the ruckus to the world of beer podcasting. Quite possibly our most extreme and raucous episode since the episode when we started the #IndieBeer movement in town. This week we break down our thoughts on the beer community headed into 2020 and provide some of the things we would like to see happen, or stop happening and change for the success of the community as a whole and well…opinions are shared. Plus don’t miss out as we discuss a couple local beer news stories, we dive into the first New Can segment of 2020 all while sampling some amazing “New To Us” beers on the show. The theme this week - New Beers to be shared. All this plus much more including a thing we can’t talk about, the dreaded C-60 malt (oh no!), we discuss Triple IPA season and discuss some local Triple IPAs to keep an eye out for, Day One beers, out of market beers in local beer shops, appreciating classic styles, best frites in town, a host almost dies mid show and tons more. Remember, this episode we come with peace and love for all. Tune in to laugh, learn and have a fun time with us.

January 22, 2020 08:07 PM PST

Tonight we are joined by a longtime friend of the show an established home brewer and beer fan David Zivkovich - Operator and Home Brewer for Z Style Brewing. Tune in as we sit down and sample a couple of his beer offerings and we learn his beer journey from beer fan to home brewer. We learn all about the beers that inspired him, his approach to brewing beers, canning home brewed beers in the garage, growing hops at home for your own beers, a special beer brewed for a well known local band and learn some tips and tricks on how to get into the home brewing game by someone who does it. Also, we dive into some beers from Northern California and the Bay Area that were brought back for the show and discuss our thoughts on these new to us beers. While sampling this week tune in as we break down some of the top news stories happening around San Diego’s beer community. All this plus much more including hoping for a return to Black IPAs and other lesser appreciated styles, we discuss the good ol days in local beer and talk about some long lost beers we used to drink, the pros of competitions, beer pricing at sporting events, cold pizza rolls, Koala bears and much more. Tune in for a great time discussing home brewing, sharing new beers and tons more. Hey Now!

January 15, 2020 01:21 PM PST

And were back! Were kicking off a brand new year of epic local beer podcasting! After a couple of weeks off were back with a super sized epic episode. Tune un as we are joined by Melanie Pierce - Founder of Brewbies Fest, Shaney Jo - Founder of Keep a Breast Foundation and Dande Bagby - Owner of Bagby Beer in Oceanside. With our very special guests we dive in and discuss all the great things happening at the 11th Annual Brewbies Festival. Tune in as we break down the history, the importance of this festival, how 100% of the proceeds will be put to use to help educate young people on cancer prevention and more. Hear about which breweries will be in attendance and what beers you can expect to be pouring this year. Also, we discuss some new elements to this years Brewbies Fest with a couple possible special guests doing something never done before. Also, tune in as we hear whats new with Bagby Beer including info on their upcoming Bagby Fest. Hear all about the amazing food and drink that will be offered as this amazing experience hosted by Bagby. Also, hear about them jumping into the canning game, their approach to beers and thoughts on “hype” styles and of course whats going on with their amazing food menu. All this plus much more including vacuums, Mike takes a night off from IPAs, what is most important about beer for the community, the legend of Buddy Lee, quality burritos and tons more. Don’t miss out on the first show from BNISD of 2020, a super KING SIZED spectacular! **PLUS! A Beer Night in San Diego EXCLUSIVE! Listen in to hear how YOU can win tickets to Brewbies and Bagby Fest 4!**

December 17, 2019 07:55 PM PST

Ho Ho Hey Now! This week we celebrate our annual Christmas Spectacular but in a bigger, more exciting way than ever before! We ring in the Holiday Season officially with the team that saved Christmas - Nyle, Paul and Darrin of the great Abnormal Beer Co. This week we celebrate the holidays in the Abnormal Library. Tune in as we discuss how the partnership has been with Abnormal and their distro partner, they approach to distro, we discuss their canning line as well as their Tiki Series of beers. We also discuss their barrel program and whats coming soon in regards to some amazing bottles. Plus, don’t miss out as we dive into their Christmas beers (the ones that saved Christmas) as well as a couple upcoming Holiday inspired offerings to be released very shortly. Of course, since its the Holidays, we dive into Santa’s Naughty and Nice list to find out everyones standing, and anyone on the NICE list gets a gift from Santas Secret Sack! Plus holiday plans, whats on our lists for Santa and tons more. Plus, we have our first ever local spirit on the show with a nice twist. Don’t miss this weeks Holiday Spectacular hosted at the great Abnormal Beer Company! Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you! Ho Ho Hey Now!

December 10, 2019 07:29 PM PST

This week we are coming to you from the amazing Burgeon Beer in Carlsbad. Tune in as we are joined by Matthew, Mackenzie and Cesar from Burgeon Beer. Don’t miss out as we discuss all things Burgeon while sampling some new and favorite beers from the team. We learn all about their expansion plans including their new spot a few suites down from the OG tasting room, we hear all about collaborations and we learn about some upcoming collabs in 2020 that are announced right here on BNISD for the first time. (Exclusives!) Also, we hear all about their upcoming anniversary invitational event. We discuss the breweries included, we learn about their anniversary beers that will be released as well as so much more. Of course we discuss the story behind their Reclaim The Wild campaign, their barrel program and plans for the future, brand new tanks and what we can expect pouring out of said tanks, we learn about new and exciting spots where you can find Burgeon Beer, we break down their phenomenal take on social media engagement, their next can release, their upcoming online store and tons more. All this plus more including building nests for friends, dietary changes as we get old, laying on beaches getting massaged, Alexa terrorizing a tasting room and tons more. Don’t miss this episode and don’t miss out on tickets to Burgeon’s 3rd Anniversary!

December 03, 2019 08:08 PM PST

This week we are changing things up in the BNISD Studios thanks to an idea from last weeks show - Its Pint Night folks! Unlike our regular shows where we do small tasters and samples, we dive into full pours of our beer offerings. To go along with this new format we tackle the new Holiday Pack of IPAs from DogFish Head including 2 box exclusive offerings. We also dive into a couple newer cans released in San Diego. We sample these beers while we break down WHY anyone wanted to do full pours on the show and our tactics when visiting new breweries. We also get a break down of some less than fun Thanksgiving experiences this holiday season. Plus, don’t miss this weeks News segment as well as a new edition of New Can Alert. All this plus much more including just saying NO to situational beer, people still oddly being afraid of beer in cans, buying NERF guns, the return of classic IPAs, we gush big time over great biscuits and a shout out to a brewery standing up for locals in a rough time. All this plus tons more, don’t miss out!

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