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Three B Zine Podcast! Local Craft Beer Music and Food Podcast from San Diego!
Local Craft Beers, Local Bands and Local Food in San Diego!
Category: Society & Culture
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June 22, 2017 06:07 PM PDT

Its the bottom of the 10th and were back on the mound with a bonus episode for the week! A continuation from Episode 118 - We still had some beer to share so we decided to record a BONUS POD just for you! On this extra innings bonus pod we hang out and sample some awesome local (and non local) beers and have a fun time telling some beer related stories. This episode also marks the first segment hosted by Mike from a Pint of Hoppiness - Mike Nye the Science Guy - As he hosts an experiment on the show. Plus, hear temperatures rise as a story of speciality released cans is told and hosts call each other out in a bonus episode throw down - but hear friendships and relationships mend over a great local IPA! All this plus much more including unicorn beers, we talk yeast, Father’s Day beers, beermosas, Pizza Port beers we want to see in cans, slot machines and tons more on this special edition extra innings episode! Don’t miss out, folks!

June 20, 2017 10:24 PM PDT
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We’re back and its Beer Night in San Diego, folks! Tune in this week as we sit down to sample some East Coast beers that were driven back across the country for the show, some of which each of us on the show have never sampled or seen before as well as some California beers with Mike from Pint of Hoppiness. We also break down beer selection and “bottle shops” on the East Coast. Also hear Tom’s breakdown of the new Sierra Nevada collab pack and Cody’s break down of Philadelphia’s best sandwiches. Then we break down some news stories from around San Diego including news regarding the Brewers Guild taking a stand for local and independent, one of our favorite breweries has two new cans on the way, a local pioneer brewery joining the haze game, a new brewery alert and a couple of new tasting rooms opening around San Diego. All this plus New Beers of the Week returns, we dive into the social media mail bag when we Get Social and we bring back the instant fan favorite game hosted by Tom - Fact or Fiction! Which leads to some fun discussion on multiple beer related topics. All this plus much more including discussion on our favorite pale ales, beers available in other baseball parks, we put out a call for a Donkey Kong remake, brewery growth in Ocean Beach, standing in hot lines for beer, plus more in our hoppiest, most IPA centric episode to date. (Without meaning to do so!)

June 07, 2017 11:32 AM PDT

This week we are coming to you LIVE from The Brew Project in Hillcrest and we are joined by good friend of the show Mr. Tom Keliinoi - Executive Producer of Whats on Draft here in San Diego. We discuss many things this week - Including his beer journey, the first San Diego beers that made him love the beer community, how he found his way into brewing professionally and where his deep passion for “local” came from. We also hear his history as a film makers and the history behind the Whats on Draft program. Hear how the idea for the show went from idea to reality here in San Diego. Hear their approach to each of their episodes, both funny and informative. Plus, hear what could be coming in the future for everyone at Whats on Draft and what they are working on currently. We also get an inside look at Sleepaway Brew Co and how that came to life and we discuss the infamous “Burrito Randall” collaboration beer. We also discuss why supporting local is so important right now and hear Tom’s thoughts on local and why he and Whats on Draft took such a strong fighting stance against big beer in San Diego. Plus, hear about a new website with great information and education on supporting local, independent breweries. We also get Tom’s thoughts on the current state of San Diego beer and some of the things that make him the happiest. Plus, we dive into the mail bag when we Get Social! All this plus much more including social media usage, we break down great local berliners, the hard work behind brewing, how to make beer fun again, partying on boats, neon green race cars plus tons more.

June 04, 2017 02:16 PM PDT
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This week we turned the show on its head! Tom is in the host chair and Cody is in the co-host chair and joining us for all the fun is Mike of A Pint of Hoppiness. Tune in this week to hear Tom’s hosting debut - and together we discuss many topics from around the San Diego beer community and sample new beers. We break down and discuss our thoughts on the 11 Barrel IPA day which happened in San Diego and discuss the beers from each collaborating brewery. We also decide to break down our “Mount Rushmore of San Diego Beer” including both breweries and people. Plus, we put out a call for help for some final choices and want listeners to help us make the final call! Tune in to hear our thoughts and how you can help us decide the final inductee into the San Diego Mount Rushmore of Beer! Also, tune in for a rant segment from Mike when he discusses something he would like to see happen from more breweries in San Diego. Plus, hear the debut of Tom’s first ever hosted game show “Fact of Fiction” which leads to some good discussion points for everyone on the show. We also dive into some New Beer of the Week and open up the Social Media Mailbag when we Get Social. All this plus much more including beer and food pairings, secret and bonus beers, Mike finds a “hazy” beer he stands behind, hating on MLB players, OOOOs on demand and so much more. Don’t miss out on this super fun/super sized episode!

May 24, 2017 10:19 PM PDT

This week we are joined by Brian Mitchell (Owner and Head Brewer) and Jesse Johnson (Hospitality Manager) of Pariah Brewing Co in North Park San Diego and we are coming to you LIVE from their beautiful tasting room. While sampling some of their fantastic local beers together we discuss many topics - First we start off by hearing both of their beer journeys and hear how they found themselves where they are today. We also get a great history on the idea and opening of Pariah Brewing Co and hear their approach to brewing their awesome beers, plus which of their beers have been most popular thus far. Hear some insight into some of their specialty beers and how they came to life at Pariah. Also, we sample a beer made with Lupulin Powder and get some great info on this newer form of hop happening in beers lately. Learn all about what it is and how it is used and why. Hear about some beers they look to brew in the future, including some news on an upcoming beer. Plus get some exciting news on upcoming bottles happening at Pariah Brewing and what beers you will see in those bottles in the future. Hear some exciting news about an upcoming collaboration release between Pariah Brewing and Brian Beagle - Chinout Stout - And we get to sample some straight from the tanks. We also discuss their thought on the current state of San Diego beer, plus we discuss how to continue supporting truly local, independent San Diego beer and why supporting locally owned breweries is so important, now more than ever. Plus, we dive into the mailbag when we Get Social - Don’t miss this Get Social as it turns out some awesome info including some EXCLUSIVE news! All this plus much more including saving lives on snapchat, Tom is found sitting in a special chair, we talk and sample blending, American Gladiators, donuts and so much more. Do not miss this one, folks.

May 16, 2017 02:32 PM PDT
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This week we are joined by two special guests - Mike Pratt from A Pint of Hoppiness and good friend of the show and awesome local beer guy Ryan DeBusk. Tune in as we sample a bunch of new to us beers and discuss some culture topics in the beer community - Both in San Diego and beyond. We start of by getting to know a bit more about our friend Ryan and how he found his way into the San Diego beer community. We also discuss beer tourism and our approach to visiting other cities including how to mule beer cans and bottles back home from out of town. We also discuss and break down the news story about a certain brewing giant taking over all the hops from a certain region and how it will hurt local, independent breweries and we discuss our thoughts on the situation. We also dive into why this is crazy and why ownership does matter and why it is important to support your local, independent breweries. We discuss the most recent brewery acquisition as well, and how it seemed to spark more interest in standing up for local/independent. We talk about the upcoming collaboration beer 11 Barrel IPA and discuss its release date. Hear about plans to fly a plane over East Village as a way to fight back against “big beer” and hopefully get consumers to ask questions about ownership. During our Get Social segment we do something a bit different - Tune in to hear us tackle some great Frequently Asked Beer Questions thanks to a good friend of the show and Beer YouTuber Tasting Nitch! All this plus much more including upcoming exciting cans in San Diego, clarity scales for beers, we share love for our friends at Whats on Draft, dead arms and a lot of busted chops. Don’t miss out on this very fun and super king sized episode! Tune in to laugh and learn with us.

May 10, 2017 01:12 PM PDT
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This week we have made our return to one of our favorite spots in San Diego - Burgeon Beer Co - Located in beautiful Carlsbad! In our return we sit down with Derek, Anthony and Matt - Brewers, Owners and Operators of Burgeon Beer to discuss whats new with them and to talk about some exciting news. Tune in to hear all about what is new over at Burgeon Beer and hear what has been happening behind the scenes plus hear some of the things they have learned as brewery owners and operators since their Grand Opening back in January. Hear about a great partnership that was born between Burgeon Beer and a local beer bar and how a specific beer from Burgeon will become a dedicated tap regularly on draft. We also hear some exclusive news based on hour changes which will start in June. Also, hear all about their brewing process and how they achieve their goal for each beer release including details on a couple of new and exciting beers. Hear about their recent collaboration beers with Stone, Monkey Paw and Mother Earth and we discuss their Gold Medal for their collaboration ESB. Also, don’t miss out on news on some upcoming collaborations in the coming months. Of course, we dive head first into big news from Burgeon Beer when we break down all the information on their upcoming can releases! Hear all about how these two beers were chosen, hear the process behind both of the beers plus hear all the information about these cans - When they will be released, price and limits. We also learn what is coming next in cans and how often you might be seeing these cans released. We also break down some of the great things happening on can release day, and we talk about the greatness behind specialty canned releases. Also hear news on what the coming months hold for our friends at Burgeon including events and growth. Plus, we dive into the mailbag when we Get Social! All this plus much more including male modeling, reserved parking spaces, filling in as bouncers, camping and cooking breakfast in beer lines and more!

May 02, 2017 11:27 AM PDT

This week we are LIVE from the Resident Brewing Co - Located inside The Local in beautiful Downtown San Diego. Tune in as we sit down with Robert Masterson and Craig Nelson to get to know everything going on with Resident Brewing Co. and their deep passion for great, quality local beer. Together we do a wide array of sampling of Resident beers and learn about the process behind many of their current offerings, including a detailed description of the brewing process of their hazy IPAs and their Vacation Coconut IPA. Hear how Resident Brewing came to life in San Diego plus hear both Robert and Craig’s brewing history from home brewers to professional brewers. Hear about some of the awards Robert won as a home brewer as well as two big awards Resident won over this past weekend in Los Angeles, plus hear some of the process behind the two award winning beers. We also sample and discuss their bottle release - A barrel aged Saison with nectarines. Plus, hear some styles that Resident would like to offer in the future. We also learn all about how Resident Brewing started their partnership with the San Diego Padres to be on tap at Petco Park. Hear all about adjusting the brew schedule for Petco Park beers plus we discuss the possibility of what beers we may see at ball games coming this year. Plus hear some exclusive news from Resident Brewing regarding a new vessel for beer and some news on collaborations coming in 2017. Get some inside details on one of those collaborations - the upcoming Downtown Collab - 11 Barrel IPA - And how you can take part in this IPA while supporting what is true local San Diego beer. All this plus much more including traveling by foot in San Diego, breakfast and brunch beers, discussing real fruit in beers and of course we dive into the mailbag with some great questions this week when we “Get Social”. All this plus so much more!

April 26, 2017 06:18 PM PDT
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This week we sit down with our good buddy Mike from Pint of Hoppiness to discuss happenings in the craft beer community while doing a large scale new beer tasting throughout the show. We kick off the show discussing a Chicago trip and we sample a couple of hard to find and sought after beers from the Mid West region of the U.S. Hear a break down of the food and beer community out in Chicago and some of the must hit spots on your travels. Hear about a couple new and upcoming can releases coming to San Diego, plus we sample one of these brand new cans on the show. We also follow up on a story from two weeks ago with some more information regarding a brewery expanding. We also break down some other tasting rooms coming in the future and discuss our thoughts on satellite tasting rooms and expansion. We share our excitement over the news that Tony Gwynn Jr. is now brewing a beer with our friends at AleSmith and discuss the beer that could be coming just in time for summer. We share an announcement about a well known veteran brewer in San Diego is headed after leaving his last position. We also discuss two new brewery alerts happening in town and when we can expect to see the doors open for each. And of course, don’t miss out as we take a dive into our mailbag when we Get Social with your social media questions! All this plus much more including combining comic books and craft beer, our favorite and least favorite fruits in beers, best hot dog toppings and an upcoming legendary metal inspired beer coming this week from a great local brewery. Don’t miss out, folks!

April 18, 2017 08:57 PM PDT
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Were back this week with a super sized beer sampling and news episode! Don’t miss out as we sample some killer new to us beers including one beer now in bottles and brand new to the San Diego market. We break down some news for the week including a follow up from a story we discussed on last weeks episode with some commentary from a local brewery owner. We also break down some numbers from CBC regarding surprising growth in the beer industry for a couple of beer styles and our thoughts on the growth of these styles. We also break down a fun and exciting (and exclusive) story about something coming in the Summer - featuring Three B Zine Podcast! We discuss two new local brewery openings in Carlsbad and break down details on a brand new huge brewery, restaurant and bowling alley now open in North County. We also break down some details about a new Earth Day collaboration beer in cans coming this month, plus we give details on another new canned IPA happening in San Diego. We also discuss our thoughts on where the beer culture is headed in San Diego and how some of our older veteran breweries and their classic beers can be appreciated more by new beer drinkers. Also, don’t miss out on a beer idea being pitched out to all breweries in San Diego which us at Three B Zine Podcast are hoping can be made in 2017! We also dive into the mailbag when we “Get Social” with some social media questions. All this plus much more including Rick Flair and ladder matches, odd flavored beers, vikings on bicycles, Star Wars dos and donts, pizza with POD, 007 tournaments and much more.

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