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Three B Zine Podcast! Local Craft Beer Music and Food Podcast from San Diego!
Local Craft Beers, Local Bands and Local Food in San Diego!
Category: Society & Culture
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September 27, 2017 11:10 PM PDT

Beer Night in San Diego is back and this week our pre-selected style for the show is - Tripels! We are still rocking that IPA Ban to continue education both for ourselves and listeners on different styles each and every week. Tune in as we sit down to sample a great mix of tripels and discuss the style in depth including some history, food pairings, where to find some locally and more. We do break the ban for one beer so we can sample the brand new cans from our friends at Rouleur Brewing Company in Carlsbad - Their new Juicy/Hazy IPA and their Blackberry Blonde. We also discuss some news around town including Guild Fest info which includes an EXCLUSIVE CODE for $5 off tickets! Also hear about a highly anticipated brewery coming soon and their recently announced bottle club which you can now join. This leads us into a discussion about other bottle clubs in the beer community and our thoughts on joining them. We also break down “beer budgets” and rising prices on beer. Also, we discuss how breweries can stand out each week when “specialty cans” are growing in popularity. Plus, the importance of every day “stand by” beers on shelves at beer shops and how they can stand out from the crowd. Also, hear about an upcoming anniversary beer which is very exciting. This week we also discuss some New Beers of the Week, we play a brand new version of Fact or Fiction new Can Alerts and we dive into the social media mail bag when we Get Social! All this plus much more including being locked out of breweries at GABF, going half blood half IPA in a human body, chili night, beer trading plus tons more!

September 19, 2017 09:31 PM PDT

Beer Night in San Diego is back and this week it is our 2017 San Diego Breweries Fantasy Draft Results Show! Hear who won the fan voting plus don’t miss out as the overall loser of fan voting will be punished live on the show by having to watch the winners drink great shared beers while drinking old/less fun/less desirable beer the entire episode. Plus, we break down some Post-Draft thoughts on the results and our teams. This week we also break down some big news that was announced recently in San Diego beer and our thoughts on the matter. Also, hear as Mike breaks down his thoughts on weekend long festivals and his experience with the beer choices and some issues are called out about a recent festival he attended. Also, don’t miss out as we make our huge exciting announcement as promised from last week and what to possibly look forward to because of the announcement. Also, we break down some upcoming specialty can releases coming soon in our brand new weekly segment “Can Alert!”, we dive into everyones favorite segment Fact or Fiction and we open up the social media mailbag when we Get Social! All this plus much more including sour grapes, angry glares and words, a review of a brand new brewery in North County, swinging from piercings, IPAs stored warm, what in the world is “horse blanket”, next weeks Non-IPA theme is chosen and so much more on this jam packed fun filled episode!

September 13, 2017 09:09 PM PDT

Beer Night in San Diego is back and this week during our IPA-Hiatus episodes we are focusing on - Pilsners! Tune in as we break some history of the style, learn strong food pairings and sample both old and new school variations of pilsners. While sampling and discussing Pilsners we break down some of the news stories of the week including a shout out to a friend of the show, we learn about another brewery in San Diego going up for sale and we talk about one of our favorite events of the year - the upcoming San Diego Brewers Guild Fest! Plus, don’t miss some exclusive news from us about Guild Fest! Also, hear about an upcoming SUPER collaboration beer for San Diego Beer Week and we give details on some of the latest limited CANS coming in San Diego in our new segment - New Can Alert! Plus, we dive into a topic together and talk about satellite tasting rooms opening up in saturated neighborhoods and hear about some concerns which were brought up by beer bar owners recently. Also, hear some stats on over and under served neighborhoods. And of course we play a new version of Fact or Fiction Pilsner Edition and we dive into the mailbag and answer some great social media questions when we GET SOCIAL! All this plus much more including hop patches for you hop fixes, “premium” beer, we discuss Virginia beer scene, Tom pulls a fast one on the boys, Mets players working at beer bars, friendly arguing over best burgers plus tons more!

September 08, 2017 12:04 AM PDT

We’re back this week with a very special edition of OVERTIME! Things get heated this week as do our first annual - San Diego Beer Fantasy Draft! Tune in as we conduct a fantasy football style draft with San Diego Breweries! Each of us draft 1 San Diego brewery into a “style” position in an attempt to make the strongest Local Beer Team. And YOU - The Listener - gets to choose who wins! Once the episode is over make sure to vote who you think has the strongest team. Each vote is worth 1 point to their chosen Host and Patreon Supporters votes are worth THREE POINTS! (Still time to join up on Patreon…) There will be a true winner and a true loser - Winner will be announced in two week and the LOSER will be legit punished. Tune in for this incredibly fun and hilarious episode loaded with shocking picks, backhanded deals and crushing blows to other host’s rosters as we break down our 2017 San Diego Beer Draught Teams! (Tune in to hear the rules, how you can vote for the winner and more!) If you love fantasy football and local beer, this is absolutely the episode for you! Don’t miss the reveal episode two weeks from now to hear the winner and see the loser get punished.

September 06, 2017 07:04 PM PDT

Beer Night in San Diego returns and this week we are featuring maybe our weirdest theme yet - All Foil Top beers! Which can literally mean anything. Tune in to hear us break down multiple styles from both local and non local breweries. Of course we also break down the biggest news in San Diego beer from the last week and give our thoughts, plus we discuss our thoughts on some of the “backlash” that came from the news. We also discuss our thoughts on and the safety concerns with wax topped beers thanks to a listeners recommendation. Plus, don’t miss out on a brand new “fun” edition of Fact or Fiction and we dive into the social media mailbag as we Get Social. All this plus much more including possibly a new Patreon prize, one of our hosts enjoys a learning moment from the show, kidney stone beers, a certain host tries to bamboozle the guys during the IPA-Hiatus with a tricky beer and much more! This weeks episode is much shorter than normal due to a special “Podcast Event” recording directly afterwards. Keep an eye out this week for a special Overtime Episode of Three B Zine!

August 30, 2017 08:10 PM PDT
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Beer Night in San Diego returns and this week its Dubbel Night! We sample multiple Dubbels - Both local and from afar - on this episode and we discuss some of the history and explain the style in an attempt to learn for ourselves as well as you our listeners! We also sample a couple other styles (non IPA) as well including some special gift beers from a good friend of the show. We also break down some of the big news stories from San Diego including a Head Brewer leaving San Diego altogether and we discuss a local brewery signing on to contract brew for a brand new business - And we have some exclusive statements directly from the folks involved with the deal. Also, hear about a brewery expanding into another state where we also got some exclusive statements regarding the story. Also, hear about a big anniversary beer/food/music event happening soon! We also share more exclusive field reporting news about a local beer show singing a big deal leading to some awesome expansion and more news. We also choose our theme for next weeks show while we continue the no IPA episodes. We also dive into a discussion point based on brewery and band collabs and our thoughts on these popular match ups. And of course, we discuss New Beers of the Week, we play a new version of Fact of Fiction and we dive into the social media mailbag when we Get Social. All this plus much more including introducing a “swear jar” but for IPAs, seafood disagreements, we discuss the difference between breweries expanding into other states that have sold out and ones that haven’t, we have our first can with “The Logo” on it and discuss our thoughts, Foreigner (the band) and music beer puns and so much more on this episode filled with education and entertainment!

August 22, 2017 10:05 PM PDT
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This week for Beer Night in San Diego we are coming to you LIVE from the tasting room of Thr3e Punk Ales in Chula Vista! Tune in as we sit down with Steve, Ivan and Kevin to discuss all things Thr3e Punk Ales. Hear the story and history behind the brewery and how they came from idea to where they are today, plus hear each of their stories on how they found themselves in the world of craft beer. The guys break down some of the beer styles we sample on the show and also hear why they opened with some of the specific styles they did. Hear their outlook on beer education for both brewers as well as their community. Hear about how locals in Chula Vista have felt about their opening as well as the reaction from locals on the craft beer community growing within the South Bay. Plus hear about how they and others in the neighborhood have worked to bring the community in to enjoy and embrace the world of craft beer. We also get the details on their brewing system and their brew process and hear about some of what is to come on that brewing system. Plus, hear about their upcoming Oktoberfest beer and their special BOOTs coming soon and hear all about their upcoming growlers and crowlers which will be coming soon. Plus, they break down the large price tag breweries must face to offer crowlers. Hear about how they got permanent taps into the airport and how it affects brewing schedules and what it means for their brewery, and hear about a specific beer style they will NEVER make. Plus, hear some exclusive big news about a possible upcoming Grand Opening, hear some plans for a back side patio and more about what is coming soon from Thr3e Punk Ales! All this plus much more including social media questions during Get Social, listeners get a special offer from Ivan plus he offers great life advice to listeners, deep V necks, English vs Hoppy Barleywines, a guest walks off the show for undisclosed reasons, their thoughts on beer/music collabs, bad burritos, a possible collaboration partnership comes to life and TONS more! This is one you do not want to miss.

August 08, 2017 09:53 PM PDT
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This week we are joined by a very special guest for Beer Night in San Diego - Mr. Ian Cheesman is at the table! Not only is it Beer Night in San Diego it is also COFFEE Beer Night in San Diego! We focus mainly on all things coffee beers for this week of our “IPA Ban”, plus a few other special surprise beers/styles. Learn some things about this style while we sample a few different coffee beers while we discuss some big time topics. To start off we get to know Ian a bit more when we learn how he got into the world of beer journalism and what beers and breweries got him into the world of craft beer. Plus, hear his thoughts on the current state of San Diego beer, his role in local beer advocacy plus tons more. We also dive into some news including the announcement of the latest brewery to sell. We break down some of the details and give our thoughts on how we feel about the news. Of course, get an inside take from Mike - Who’s hometown brewery is Anchor. Plus hear about an upcoming event that is raising money for a cause close to us on the show and we sample a great special beer while discussing the event. Also, don’t miss out on another edition of Fact or Fiction, we play Ryan’s “Untappd Game” and we Get Social with some great social media questions. All this plus much more including being transported to a spoken word coffee bar, epipen beers, flag studying, we shake a fist at PE, our favorite cherries and tons more. (By the way... Next week we focus on... DUBBELs!)

August 01, 2017 09:52 PM PDT
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Beer Night in San Diego returns with yet another San Diego beer episode! This week the guys sit with a new style to the show - No More IPAs for the foreseeable future. From this episode forward, each week we will be showcasing a different style of beer. This weeks theme - Mixed Bag! Hear why this was decided and what to expect moving forward regarding beer choices for the show. Hear Tom break down his trip to Iceland and hear some of the beers he tried and things he saw on his big summer vacation. Hear about two special release beers in San Diego, the story behind each and how you can pick them up. Plus, we break down some news happening in San Diego including some news (we think) hasn’t been shared anywhere yet! We also discuss a local brewery getting a cease and desist from a larger East Coast brewery. Plus TWO new brewery alerts, hear about some upcoming releases to look out for, an update on Logo Watch 2017 plus more. Also, hear a brand new edition of Fact or Fiction and a new game hosted by Mike! All this plus much more including a possible new hair style for a co-host, we drink our first 40 on the show, our thoughts on aging canned beer, breaking down food and beer pairings, we visit Tom’s Poetry Corner and tons more!

July 26, 2017 08:25 PM PDT
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Beer Night in San Diego returns with another episode loaded with local beer discussion, news, sampling and more! Tune in this week as we sample some brand new beers - including some highly sought after out of market beers not available in San Diego plus more. We also dive into the news bag to discuss some of the biggest breaking news stories of the week. Hear all about a local brewery selling to another local brewery and our thoughts on where it could lead. We also discuss some news behind the new “Official Beer of San Diego” and hear Ryan break down everything that happened at the wild and emotional Modern Times meeting with the Encinitas City Council and the outcome. We also discuss a local brewery signing with another local brewery for distribution and we got an exclusive statement from one of the said breweries. Plus get a to the minute report from our twitter reporter on “Logo Watch 2017”, hear about a killer CAN release happening this weekend and an awesome collab dinner series happening very soon as well. All this plus MORE news! We also dive into a short version of New Beers of the Week, we play a new game throughout the show where we guess what beers are being rated on rating sites and don’t miss out on Fact or Fiction - Iceland Edition! All this plus much more including discussing muppet podcast voices, getting together to binge tv shows, missing out on old school favorite beers, pine tree flavors and some NEWS about our podcast. Don’t miss out!

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