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Three B Zine Podcast! Presents: Beer Night in San Diego!
Join us each week as we celebrate Beer Night in San Diego! Tune in to hear the best in Local Craft Beers, Local Food and Local Music in San Diego!
Category: Society & Culture
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June 20, 2018 08:47 PM PDT

Beer Night in San Diego has returned! This week we are joined by two great friends of the show - Chris and Matt - Co-Creators of Growler Hour and award winning home brew team. Together we dive into Saison Night in San Diego. Tune in as we break down the history and style information on Saisons as well as sample some great local saisons. Plus, the folks at Growler Hour share their special Saison which they recently brewed to bring and share on the show. While we do this we get to know our guests a bit - Hear their beginning, tips for home brewing, beers that got them excited about the world of beer and much more. Plus, we discuss a few small news topics including New Can Alert where we break down all the new and upcoming cans in San Diego. Plus hear about a new collab between Beer Fish and Pat McIlhenney coming soon, we break down some real data from the Brewers Association regarding the true success of the Independent Seal and we get a field report from a good friend and listener about the newly opened Green Flash in Nebraska. Plus, don’t miss out on a brand new segment/game - The Hot Seat! Hosted by Tom. All this plus much more including North East Saisons (joke), we break down some serious geek brewing discussion, barreling home brew style, drinking before 21, some more Brut IPA talk, pineapple on pizza, a torn panel on chili beers, will more San Diego breweries open satellite spots in other cities/states, life changing appetizers and tons more. Tune in to laugh and learn with us!

June 14, 2018 09:27 PM PDT

Beer Night in San Diego is back with a brand new Extra Innings edition! Joining us for this special extra episode is the one and only Mr. Ian Cheesman. Tune in as we cover some things we didn’t get to cover during our Wheel of Beer episode. We dive in to two special cans released here in San Diego including a new lager from Pariah Brewing as well as a triple IPA from Intergalactic Brewing. While we enjoy these beers we fire up the New Can Alert Robot to hear all about the brand new and upcoming can releases coming soon in the San Diego beer community. Also, hear Ryan and Tom break down their trip to the brand new all kombucha brewery in North Park. Which leads us into a discussion about what kombucha “is”, why people are so into it and much more boooooch discussion.
All this plus much more including bad lighting, good can copy, taking down mega al pastor, Tom calls out a celebrity officially, balance on triple IPAs, cars running on super strong beers, super deep Vs, never using Google Image Search again and tons more. Tune in for a fun Extra Innings episode, folks!

June 13, 2018 07:43 PM PDT

Beer Night in San Diego is back! This week we are joined by a special guest Co-Host, Mr. Ian Cheesman! On this weeks edition of BNISD, we do things a little bit different than ever before. In an attempt to clear our the Podcast Headquarters Beer Fridge we introduce for the very first time - The Wheel of Beer! The wheel is locked and loaded with a ton of old, unfortunately forgotten and lost cans and bottles of beer as well as a few special fresh and new offerings. Where will the wheel land? No one knows! But tune in to hear us suffer through some beers that fell between the cracks over the past year. We also crack open a fresh growler of our collaboration beer with our friends at Bear Roots in Vista and discuss how it came out and give you the info on how you can find it for yourself. We also discuss a few news topics including a couple upcoming collaboration beers plus we break down the first ever Brut IPAs landing in San Diego and sample one of the first from Duckfoot Brewing. Also, tune in to hear the winners from San Diego at the California State Fair. All this plus much more including Tom is excited about his Capitals, we discuss our cutoff dates for buying hoppy beers in stores, riding fair rides and greasing pigs, flying f-16s, Mike gets a visit from an old friend and so much more. Do not miss out on quite possibly our wildest show in our history when we unleash the Wheel of Beer!

June 06, 2018 07:44 PM PDT

Everyones favorite night has returned - Its Beer Night in San Diego! This week we are back on our weekly style shows and our pre chosen style for this episode is - Stout Night! Tune in as we hear some of the history of American stouts and proper food pairings while we sample some great local and non local stouts. We also dive into some local news stories happening here in San Diego. Hear an update on the Stone lawsuit with a big beer brand, we discuss a local brewery expanding into Los Angeles as well as a local brewer leaving town to take the helm as Head Brewer at a brewery in Ensenada. We also give some updates on Green Flash and their new CEO and what it might mean for the future of the brewing company. Plus, hear as Mike and the New Can Alert Robot team up to break down all the cool and upcoming can releases in San Diego’s beer community, and hear about Societe’s 6th Anniversary and the new beer debuting for the celebration. Plus, hear the official release dates, official name reveal and hops in our collab beer with Bear Roots in Vista. We also hear about a local spot changing its name and some of its focus for guests, and hear Ryan break down the new numbers on beer trends from the Brewers Association. Also, tune in to hear the latest edition of Fact or Fiction LIVE hosted by Tom! All this plus much more including an explanation on why we didn’t have the most well known stout from San Diego on this episode, (sorry), hiding in cold boxes on hot days, upping your social media game, Ryan attempts to shut down the news desk, fighting against cholula on tacos, Irish Carbombs plus tons more. Come laugh and learn with us, San Diego!

May 30, 2018 08:25 PM PDT

Everyones favorite night is back - Beer Night in San Diego! This week we throw it back old school with a “free form” style show, meaning we lift the IPA Hiatus and each of us brought something new to share with the other hosts. We sample some great new local beers as well as some fantastic beers from our friends to the north in Santa Barbara. Plus, hear all about one hosts trip to Santa Barbara and enjoying the beer scene in the region. We also dive into some big local beer and local food news. First, hear the breaking news and some info on the announcement of a local brewery selling a brand it acquired less than a year ago. We also discuss a new brewery moving into an older location in El Cajon. We also discuss Mason Ale Works kingdom in San Diego growing yet again with a new location now open. Plus, we discuss the final word from the TTB regarding legalized marijuana in craft beer for those still wondering. You will also learn about two local breweries who recently picked up crowler machines. Also, hear news about Petco Park and some changes in the way they sell beer to fans. Plus, some local food news including a new amazing ramen spot opening in North County, the brains and talent behind Carnitas Snack Shack are expanding their reach, a new rolled taco only joint is opening in North Park, we also discuss the upcoming Windmill Food Hall in Carlsbad and what to expect and we break down some of the insane food coming to this years San Diego County Fair.
All this plus much more including kale poisoning, double cheese, some quick taco talk, aggressive pours of clear IPA, pizza for every meal, tanning and staying out of the sun, building a charcuterie room, we discuss our dislike of sharing plates, thoughts on beer service at Petco and tons more.

May 22, 2018 12:50 PM PDT

Beer Night in San Diego is back! Everyones favorite night! This week we dive into the style bag and the pre-chosen focus for this weeks episode - American Pale Ales. Joining us for Pale Ale night in San Diego is the one and only Mr. @HJPreller - baseball social media legend, baseball writer and part of the Gwynntelligence Podcast. Together, we break down the style information on American Pale Ales and we crack open “traditional” and local pale ales. Hear the history, food pairings and much more of this amazing style of beer. While sampling we learn more about our guest and his history in baseball and beer, his thoughts on local sports especially baseball, the “golden age of Padres podcasts” and some of his current local favorite breweries. We also break down our recent collaboration brew day with our friends at Bear Roots Brewing in Vista. Hear about the day, about the upcoming beer and when you will be able to drink it. We also discuss the recent drop of the Alchemist beers in San Diego, and why a small subset of folks are throwing shade at these beers and the folks excited to try them. Also hear all about local pale ales available for you to pick up and we dive into some upcoming can releases with a New Can Alert! To finish off the show we dive into a brand new edition of Would You Rather? All this plus much more including a lot of beer and baseball discussion including selection at Petco Park, revisiting classic beers, being harassed for drinking session beers, podcasts taking over for AM talk radio, breweries at Petco - does it make sense for local companies? Hear about the 80 beers club at a local establishment, the wave and beachballs at games and tons more on this super sized, a little long episode loaded with beer knowledge and entertainment.

May 13, 2018 02:42 PM PDT

Everyone’s favorite night is back - Beer Night in San Diego! This week we are joined again by good friend of the show Chris - AKA Average Beer Dude. Together, we sample some new local beers including a brand new World Beer Cup recipient. Tune in as we break down some of the huge hardware recently brought home for San Diego breweries. Hear who won awards at World Beer Cup as well as in Los Angeles and San Diego recently. Plus, again, we dive in to a new WBC Award winning beer from North County. We also discuss the lack of hop forward beer winners from San Diego and why we don’t see more hoppy winners from competitions. We also ask why we don’t see more folks flocking to pick up award winning beers and should locals shift their focus on what they reach for from local breweries? Plus, why do breweries enter competitions and what do these awards do for local breweries? All this plus much more including coming around on “haze”, why icy mugs are dumb and should stop, love for crowlers and their longevity, a new pasta themed t shirt, discussing fair food and attending the county fair, having a rattlesnake as a roommate, social media culture and how it affects beer drinking and tons more. Don’t miss out on another Beer Night in San Diego loaded with laughs and beer education for everyone!

May 08, 2018 09:12 PM PDT

Beer Night in San Diego is back! This week we are joined by special guest Chris - AKA Average Beer Dude for the evening. Join us as we take a dive into the “styles box” and all signs point to Brown Ale Night in San Diego! Tune in to hear all about the history of brown ales, food pairings and much more about this under appreciated style. We also sample numerous brown ales on the show including a traditional english brown followed by a ton of great local options. While we sample these beers, learn more about Chris and his journey into the beer community. Also, tune in as we discuss some news stories in beer including a new brewery tasting room opening, the head of a big beer brand and his horrible sour grapes are discussed and we break down the details on a ton of upcoming new cans when we dive into one of our favorite segments, New Can Alert! We also play a brand new edition of Fact or Fiction LIVE! All this plus much more including sliding into DMs and going viral, donuts, what beers are high trade beers from San Diego, barrel aged browns, dopey beer laws, the return of the Can Robot, rising beer prices, hard to read cans, another Goldeneye Challenge is thrown out and tons more! Don’t miss out on this super fun and super informative local beer podcast episode!

May 01, 2018 07:26 PM PDT

Beer Night in San Diego is here! Everyone favorite night in San Diego! This week we are joined by 3 great folks who represent not only great breweries but also important players in the San Diego Brewers Guild - Matt from Burgeon Beer, Kris from Booze Brothers and Paige Executive Director of the San Diego Brewers Guild. Tune in as we hear each of their stories and how they found their way into the world of local beer as well as the motivation behind wanted to join the Brewers Guild to support local beer. Also, hear a quick history of the guild and how the original mindset still holds true today. We also learn about some of the laws the Guild has worked on being updated regarding local beer. We also hear straight from both brewery owners as well as from the Guild just how the Guild supports local breweries in San Diego and learn more about their Tap Into Knowledge series. Hear about upcoming projects our guests are excited about including details on the brand new SD Beer official app! Of course we also dive into a discussion on the incredible upcoming event Rhythm and Brews. Hear all about the festival including live music, incredible local food as of course - the best of the best in local beer. Hear about some great beers that will be available, hear some history on the event and tons more about this great yearly beer festival. Also, hear an awesome exclusive Lyft code just for this event. We also hear about some other great events coming soon from the Brewers Guild. We also hear our guests’ thoughts on the current climate in San Diego beer and their thoughts on the new hyper local mindset for breweries. Plus get the final word on the possibility of marijuana and beer joining forces, and get a look at whats new at both Burgeon and Booze Bros. All this plus much more including meeting your heroes, a new Brewers Guild Collab beer is coming, craft beer from San Diego available in Japan and beer vending machines, Rhythm and Brews after party, personal donut and beer pairings, we get into some deep North County convo and someone one hosts temperature raises a bit, beer marketing and tons tons more. Don’t miss this episode loaded with knowledge and laughs!

April 24, 2018 11:03 AM PDT

Beer Night in San Diego has come again! Everyones favorite night of the week. This week we celebrate Beer Night in San Diego with a new “theme to the show”. We break our IPA Hiatus for the week so focus specifically on - New Beers in San Diego! Tune in as we sample and discuss strictly brand newly released beers from our great city. We also dive in to a few news stories including tasting notes on the new Tony Gwynn Jr IPA from AleSmith, hear about a Nor Cal brewery getting sued by Sony, who purchased the brewing equipment from Green Flash’s Virginia Location and more. Also, hear about a brewery acquiring a new bottling machine and when you might see the first bottles released. We also get into the importance of date stamping on cans and bottles and why it should happen with all local breweries. Also, tune in as discuss some topics including changes we have noticed in beer since we became part of the community, we also discuss the difference between when we started in the community compared to young folks just now joining the community and having so much access to great local beer. We also discuss changes we might want to see within the local beer community and pulling back to the “hyper local” model for breweries. We also each reveal what we consider an embarrassing story during our time in the beer community. All this plus much more including shark infested waters, most important aspects of beer tasting, discussion on Sessions compared to “little” or “small”, buying an old restaurant, a brewery owner is called out on Goldeneye for N64, the one style each of us do not like in beer, the return of the OOOO plus tons more on this all New Beer show filled with laughs, information and fun.

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