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Three B Zine Podcast! Local Craft Beer Music and Food Podcast from San Diego!
Local Craft Beers, Local Bands and Local Food in San Diego!
Category: Society & Culture
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February 18, 2018 08:41 PM PST

Beer Night in San Diego is back! This week we are joined by longtime friend and great beer community member Mr. Cesar Torres of the great Fall Brewing Co in North Park. Tune in as we sample a bunch of great new beers from Fall Brewing and hear more exclusives from Fall Brewing than we can handle! Hear some of Cesar’s story in the craft beer community, some of the beers that got him to fall in love with beer and his thoughts on where we were and where we are going. Hear news about upcoming beers and also upcoming packaging from Fall Brewing and exclusive news on some soon to be released beers which will be canned for distort plus hear Fall’s thoughts on making the “hazy” styles in San Diego. Also hear some big news about possible distro moving outside of San Diego County and where you just might be able to see some Fall Brewing appear North of San Diego. Also, some news on possibly seeing Fall served in a couple certain parks. Also, hear some exclusive never released news about some very exciting upcoming collaboration beers that Fall will has in the works for the coming year. Also, don’t miss out on the second ever Fact or Fiction LIVE edition - where YOU the listener get to play along with us LIVE on Instagram. Also, don’t miss out on our wildest Get Social segment ever! All this plus much more including learning about the lagering process and the time it takes, Goo Goo Dolls tribute beers, finding lost brewers behind tanks, parking in San Diego, learning from legends, plus so much more. Don’t miss a fun episode overflowing with exclusive, breaking news!

February 14, 2018 07:29 PM PST

What is this!? An extra show for the week? Thats right! Its time for Beer Night in San Diego - Extra Innings Edition! After wrapping a full episode (for next week) we decided we needed to keep the mics rolling to discuss a big news story that hit this week. Joining us this week for the Extra Innings show is the one and only Cesar Torres of Fall Brewing. For this Extra Innings Edition episode we break down all the info we have on the breaking news that Stone Brewing will be suing a large beer company. Tune in as we sample a new Stone Brewing Co IPA from the brewery and all the info is broken down just for you and we give our thoughts on the happenings. Its not every day we have news this big in San Diego Beer and we needed to burst out the gates with a show to break it down and discuss the big news. Don’t miss out on this special, short issue of Three B Zine Podcast! Extra Innings! And, tune in next week for our full episode with Cesar Torres to hear all kinds of HUGE news coming from Fall Brewing in the coming year. Tune in, folks!

February 11, 2018 04:28 PM PST

Beer Night in San Diego is back! This week we are bringing back out “IPA Hiatus” where we choose 1 specific style to focus on each week to continue beer education both for us as well as you, our listeners. This week our pre-selected style is - Oatmeal Stouts! Tune in as we break info on the style including history, food pairings and tune in to hear us sample numerous old school and new school versions on the style. While we sample Oatmeal Stouts, we dive in to some news happening in the beer community. Tune in to hear about an upcoming incredible anniversary party and a new breweries tasting room which is now open. We also discuss an out of town brewery looking to move into San Diego’s beer community and Mike delivers some deep cut info on the brewery and their expansion plans and funding. Plus, Ryan breaks down some info and news on the Russian River expansion including new beers we can look forward to from Russian River, plus we dive into some Younger talk in preparation of this hard to find Triple IPA hitting San Diego. Also hear about the new project from the folks at Booze Brothers - Owl Farm. Also, hear some Food News when we discuss a brand newly opened restaurant from Anthem Vegan. Plus, tune in to hear our first ever Fact or Fiction LIVE! Where for the first time on our show, and possibly in all of San Diego, listeners got to play along with us on Instagram Live. Which we will continue doing moving into the future, so follow us on Instagram and play along on future episodes. Also, don’t miss out on our newest feature, a play off of an old favorite Best Beer of the Week where each of us choose our favorite New Beer (to us) for the week. All this plus much more including some Super Bowl discussion, a scare of a local favorite beer not going into stores any longer (or at least a specific store), find out a secret beer storage spot, a new segment “almost” takes flight, we break down our picks for “Ultimate Beer Drinking and Party Music”, breaking news on Tom’s diet and tons more fun. Tune in!

February 04, 2018 08:44 PM PST

Beer Night in San Diego returns again, this week is our first show EVER in the brand new studio/podcast headquarters and we are excited. For most of the episode we are sampling some friend beers sent to us from a great buddy from Maine amongst some other new to us beers including a highly sought after IPA. As it is our first hang out show of 2018 we discuss mainly news happening in the beer community. We start off by discussing an upcoming new brewery opening soon and we read an exclusive statement by the owners given to Three B Zine. Also, we dive into some very hot button issues, and things get fired up for most of the episode. Matches are lit, fires are set as things get fired up on some hot topics. Tune in as we discuss the news recently announced from Green Flash. We have been asked many times to discuss a specific article based on “hazy beers” so we finally discuss and slam the door on the topic. We also discuss some of the current “instagram culture” based around not only “hazy” beers but also in the beer community in general. Then, things reach a boiling point when we discuss a brewery looking to lease their original facility to a local brewery and our thoughts if this happens in San Diego. Also, to cool things down a bit, we dive into our first Fact or Fiction of 2018. All this plus much more including describing 80s style dingy bars, some weird monster talk occurs, true importance of local beer, the Big Bad Wolf sucking down hazies, great school lunches and tons more. If you like hot takes and some deep, serious discussion this is the episode you definitely can not miss.

January 28, 2018 06:00 PM PST

Part 2 of our Annual Podcast with the great folks of Brewbies, Keep a Breast and Bagby Beer is here! We are joined again by Melanie Pierce, Dande Bagby and Shaney Jo to discuss all things Brewbies as well as the great new things happening at Bagby Beer. We open the show discussing and breaking down a bunch of the beers that will be poured in the VIP area at Brewbies 2018. Also get a break down of the Brewbies Raffle as well as some exclusive news on the upcoming Pink Beer Competition which will go down at Brewbies 2018. Also, for this part of the show we dive into the new things happening at Bagby Beer in Oceanside. Tune in to hear about a new chef in the kitchen and some of the new food items being offered. We also discuss the sadness over the loss of the Bagby Burger. Also, hear about their brand new brunch menu being offered and their thought/approach to brunch for hungry locals. Also, hear Bagby’s approach to being environmentally friendly for their products in the brewery and restaurant and how they want to work with others to be the same around San Diego. Hear about Bagby’s win at GABF in 2017 and we discuss non-hoppy styles winning awards on the big stage of GABF. We also discuss the Beer Leaders Brew Day and how you can be a part of an upcoming brew day at Bagby Beer. Also, hear about some of the other great things coming from Bagby Beer in the coming year. Also, to commemorate our yearly podcast Tom brings a nice cake to share with our guests. All this plus much more including bobbing for corndogs, hanging chads, running around in banana suits, some “coffee talk” occurs, a horrifying brunch story is told, we stand up for and discuss Womens health and rights and how men can play a part in supporting women, hear about a pants museum and hear about a new charitable action happening at Bagby Beer and how you can help folks locally. Don’t miss out, folks!

January 23, 2018 08:18 PM PST

Beer Night in San Diego is back and this week we are excited to bring to you our yearly Brewbies Fest Podcast and this year its a super duper sized Two Part Show! We are joined by great friends Melanie Pierce, Dande Bagby and Shaney Jo Darden to discuss all the great things happening at the 9th Annual Brewbies Festival happening at Bagby Beer in Oceanside - Benefitting Keep a Breast Foundation. Tune in to hear the history of Brewbies Fest from idea through where we are today, the possible history of Brewbies as well as history on Keep a Breast and how it has worked to help educate young people. We discuss where the 100% of the proceeds from the event will be used to continue educating young people on cancer prevention all around the world. We also dive into some deep discussion on very important health statistics specifically about breast cancer, what YOU need to know about your own health and what men can do to help support the health of the women in their lives while promoting health and awareness. Of course we also dive into the details of the 9th Annual Brewbies Festival as well, folks. Hear about some of the breweries that will be in attendance including the announcement of some NEW breweries attending in 2018 and an inside look at the crucial planning process for this incredible event. Hear about the signature PINK beers that will be coming to the festival this year including a game changer from our friends at Lost Abbey. Also, hear what styles haven’t been made into a pink beer for Brewbies and what style they would love to make pink for a future event. This leads into some “hazy beer” discussion as well, so hear our guest’s thoughts on this “new to California” style of beer and if it will make an appearance at Brewbies. We end Part 1 by answering a question from a guest about all of our “gateway beers”. Plus hear us discuss some food items and some taste testing on the show of some brand new food from Bagby Beer. All this plus much more including discussion on adding fruit to beers, the end of Warped Tour, how you can get involved with Keep a Breast including a great fundraiser idea by the Three B Crew, funny beer names, jacuzzi parties, french fry cooking techniques, a live hop counter and much more. Tune in next week for Part 2 to hear MORE about Brewbies 2018, how you can get involved in helping others and all the great new things happening at Bagby Beer!

January 16, 2018 09:48 PM PST

This week we celebrate the 150th Beer Night in San Diego episode! To celebrate we could not be more excited to sit down with the one and only Tomme Arthur of Lost Abbey, Port Brewing and the Hop Concept as well as good friend Adam Martinez - Director of Media and Marketing for the mentioned brands. We discuss a ton of things on this weeks episode, we start of discussing some of Tomme’s history in brewing from the beginning up until where we are today. Hear how he started brewing, fell in love with the art of brewing and a get a great San Diego Beer History lesson along the way. Also hear about the first brewery he worked for and how they brought home the second ever Gold Medal from GABF. Hear stories from the beginning days of San Diego beer and some of the biggest changes Tomme has noticed as the community has evolved and some of his thoughts on the things happening in the beer community in recent years. Hear about the early days of barrel aging beers at Pizza Port, how they made it happen and some of the wildest beers Tomme made back then. Also, hear stories about meeting Michael Jackson (legendary beer writer) showing him his beers and also get some insight on the reception of the early barrel aged beers Tomme ever brewed. We also discuss the production of Veritas and what is coming for this beer in the future while we also get a breakdown of the production process. Also, hear a break down of some of Lost Abbey’s most sought after beers including inspiration behind the creation, brewing process and more. Hear how the Hop Concept was created and the thoughts behind each of the beers they have released and hear some news on the first ever Hop Concept cans and when they will hit the market plus news on the latest Hop Concept release coming soon. Also, hear some big news regarding expansion, growth and a new patio coming to the Lost Abbey plus what else we can look forward to in the coming year. All this plus much more including the story behind the Nelson the Greeter beer and can design, some of the first beers both Tomme and Adam both loved, really cool parents, some Port and Lost Abbey beers that came out of the early Pizza Port days, Tomme and Adam’s thoughts on some specific hot styles on the market currently, aging Santa Little Helper and so, so much more! This is one you do not want to miss, folks. Tune in!

January 08, 2018 09:50 PM PST

The first Beer Night in San Diego of 2018 is here! This week we are coming to you from Burgeon Beer in Carlsbad and joining us as special guest co-hosts are the winners of our Three B Zine Gives Back Episode Grand Prize, Jeannette and Blake Zuleger! Together we sit down with Matthew, Derek and Anthony from Burgeon Beer to discuss all things Burgeon. To start the show we learn a bit about our guests the Zulegers and some of their favorite things beer related in San Diego. Then we put the Burgeon crew on the hot seat to learn all about their first year open in San Diego. Hear about the things they learned during year one and things they wish they may have known prior to opening. Also, hear some advice to new to come breweries. We also hear their break down of barrels brewed for Year One. Hear their thoughts on collaboration beers and some collabs in the works for 2018. Plus, get the Burgeon Breakdown on the Juice Montana collab experience. Also, hear some BREAKING NEWS on an upcoming collab can. Plus, hear all about the upcoming Burgeon Beer One Year Anniversary Party happening January 20th. Hear about all of the food pairings that will happen and also hear about the 6 brand new beers that will be released for the anniversary. Plus, we sample two live on the show! Also, hear about the Anniversary Can release and some exclusive, breaking news about another beer being released for the Anniversary Celebration. Also, get the inside scoop on their first ever pastry stout - Glazed. Hear some plans for barreling beers in 2018 and some exclusive news on an upcoming specialty beer for a very special event. Also, hear about some other plans you can look forward to in the coming year from our friends at Burgeon Beer. Plus, don’t miss out as we get a Street Report from Herb Altman through our Co-Host Blake where we report some unmentioned breaking news about a local brewery. Also, we dive into the first mail bag of the year when we Get Social. All this plus much more including some bad news is revealed for the Three B crew, “podcast prep”, building a boat ride in a brewery and lickable beer wallpaper, Tom goes Beer Luging, what will be the big styles in 2018, eating styles are discussed, hear about a new hop being used and tons more. Don’t miss this one!

December 31, 2017 10:58 PM PST

Beer Night in San Diego is back, folks! This week is Part 2 of our 2017 Wrap Up episode - The first annual Three B Awards! We are once again joined by the mystical Mr. Ian Cheesman to celebrate the great things of 2017. We continue down the path started last week, discussing our own created topics. This week were dive into - Most Underrated Brewery of 2017. We also break down our 2017 MVP - Most Valuable Person - for local, San Diego beer. Next, we break down our picks for MVB - Most Valuable BREWERY of the year. The brewery we felt made a huge splash in San Diego local beer in 2017. To finish off the episode we dive into our big topics starting with Beer of the Year in the Hazy IPA Category. Followed by Beer of the Year IPA Clear and Beer of the Year NON-IPA categories. To finish off the show we dive into the categories Best Newcomer (brewery) of 2017 and Best Overall Brewery in 2017. All this plus much more including, extreme end of the year partying, cast members have a love fest over each other, a couple of very special beers are opened and shared between the gang, Ian reveals his life long dream, we discuss the upcoming burst of local “pastry stouts”, beer over cereal, hear a full list of new breweries of 2017 and also the places we have lost in 2017. A local brewery/bar owner is compared to Batman and so much more. Thank you to all of you for listening and tuning in this year. We appreciate each and every one of you so much and we look forward to another huge year with you guys by our side. Thanks, friends!

December 26, 2017 12:27 PM PST

Beer Night in San Diego is back and this week we are diving into a 2017 Wrap Up Three B Zine Style! We are joined once again by one of our favorite folks ever, Mr. Ian Cheesman to discuss some End of the Year topics that we came up with just for our first annual Three B Awards! Tune in to hear about some of our favorite things in San Diego Beer for 2017. Some of our own special categories for Part One that we break down include, Which brewery did we hardly get to or never visit and want to visit more in 2018? We also discuss our favorite podcast moments of 2017 - guests, moments, shocking reveals OH MY! Also, if you could give $250 K to a local brewery to expand who would you choose? To finish off Part 1 we discuss our favorite can or bottle label art from 2017 in San Diego. All this plus much more including waiting in can lines discussion, what exactly is a “horse blanket?”, Ian covers Rush, we discuss “belgian stouts” and the use of different yeasts in different beers for different outcomes on flavor profile, a Three B Zine Exclusive based on a local brewery and much more! Also, don’t miss out next week for the Part 2 conclusion of our Three B Awards End of 2017 show!

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