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Three B Zine Podcast! Local Craft Beer Music and Food Podcast from San Diego!
Local Craft Beers, Local Bands and Local Food in San Diego!
Category: Society & Culture
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December 12, 2017 10:09 PM PST

Beer Night in San Diego is back and this week we are diving right into the holiday season with the spirit of giving - and to do so we are hosting our first ever “Gives Back” episode! Tune in to hear as 3 Patreon Supporters win a prize and one lucky winner gets chosen as our Grand Prize Winner! Also this week we have some special beers on the show! Tune in as we sample a brand new Barrel Aged Saison from Resident Brewing and discuss the release details so you can get yours! Also, don’t miss out as we do a 3 year vertical of Port’s Santa’s Little Helper to get into the holiday spirit. We also sample a couple of new canned offerings, including one “controversial” release and give our thoughts. Plus, hear us discuss some news from the past week in San Diego Beer including New Brewery Openings, a local brewery has announced upcoming new beers AND some beers that will be discontinued in the coming year and more! We also discuss another great upcoming bottle release from our friends at Pariah Brewing. Also, hear the first ever version of our brand new segment - Beer of the Week and a brand new Holiday Themed Fact or Fiction! All this plus much more including medical trips, favorite local “big” stouts, pastry stout discussion, growler concerns, how to buy beer at Costco with no membership and how to get free samples all day, intense board game sessions and tons more on this jam packed fun episode full of giving!

December 05, 2017 10:25 PM PST

Beer Night in San Diego returns! This week the four of us are together to sample some sweet new (to us) beers and discuss some of the hot topics around the craft beer community. Starting off the show we sample our brand new OFFICIAL collaboration beer with our friends at Burgeon Beer - Juice Montana! We discuss all about the official release day and discuss our thoughts on the final product. We also sample a large number of East Coast beers that were brought back from a recent trip including a couple highly sought after Holiday Beers. We also break down the latest brewery to sell of a stake to a larger company and discuss the interesting things said since the news broke and our thoughts as a whole. Also, we dive into a topic suggested by good friend Ian Cheesman on the “Bottomless Beer” offers appearing around town and break down our thoughts and serious concerns over these “deals”. We also discuss a couple of fun holiday beer marketplace events and we also discuss the upcoming Sore Eye Sudsmas and the upcoming 3rd Anniversary from Fall Brewing including information on their special anniversary canned beer! We finish the show with some all time classic holiday beers to kick off the holiday season. All this plus much more including details on next weeks Three B Zine Gives Back just for Patreon Supporters, sketchy segues, a new nickname is given, we make sure we never get invited to New Jersey, beer cops, there is love and friendship and much more!

November 26, 2017 11:36 PM PST

Beer Night in San Diego Returns and this week we are breaking down a Three B Zine Podcast San Diego Audio Travel Guide! The Holidays are upon and with family and friends coming to San Diego to visit let us be your travel guide to the city. Don’t miss out as we break down the must visit spots in our beautiful city, but be break it down and each of us cover specific situations for travelers. First, hear as social media and listeners give us their “Must Visit” spot recommendations for visitors. Then, hear as Tom and Ryan break down their “Perfect San Diego Beer Day” for visitors. Next, hear Cody break down his perfect beer and food day for North County visitors. Plus, hear as Mike breaks down some of the perfect spots for great food and beer in town when you have children with you or visitors with children. We also break down an overall discussion on some great beer and food spots for visitors as well as great spots in San Diego for not only beer and food but also attractions and “tourist” type spots. All this discussion of course over some great beers as this is a continuation of our “Friendsgiving” from last week loaded with beers shared with us from listeners and beers great for sharing with friends. All this plus much more including why the Night King won’t be visiting San Diego anytime soon, lanky frosted mugs, Tom eating vegetarian, a very special beer shared on the show plus tons more. Don’t miss out!

November 21, 2017 11:56 AM PST

Beer Night in San Diego Returns and this week we are celebrating Thanksgiving by hosting a Friendsgiving Episode! We are breaking our IPA hiatus to share beers giving to us and shared to us from friends and listeners. While sampling these great beers also hear all about our official collaboration brew day over at Burgeon Beer for the upcoming collaboration beer Juice Montana. Hear about the production of our first ever Collaboration Beer our thoughts on the day and some of the things we took away from a day in the brew house. We also dive into NEWS to discuss a brewer departing San Diego as well as a brewer coming BACK to San Diego. We also discuss the brewery who is currently suing White Labs and we discuss what is happening and our thoughts on the story. We also discuss a local brewery posting to apologize/explain why a new beer isn’t quite “hazy enough” for consumers. We discuss our thoughts on this happening, why it happened and if it was necessary. All this plus much more including hop gravy for Thanksgiving, we hire a lawyer for things said now and for in the future, there is some fighting over Thanksgiving foods, transferring our show to a Columbia House-Style subscription, lobster rolls and much, much more. Happy Thanksgiving, folks.

November 13, 2017 07:17 PM PST

This week we are coming to you LIVE from the close out of San Diego Beer Week event hosted by the great Karl Strauss - Collabapalooza! Tune in as we sit down with a few great guests from the event and sample some of the one off and rare collaboration beers being served throughout the day. For starters, we sit down for some Tier 1 Friendship with Mr. Cesar Torres of Fall Brewing. We sample their collab beer and get his thoughts on San Diego Beer Week. Plus, hear how he found himself at Fall Brewing, hear some of the awesome things coming from Fall as well as his thoughts on the current climate of beer in San Diego. We are also joined by a special surprise guest during this session, Doug Pominville of Thorn Brewing - Hear whats new with Thorn Brewing as well as his thoughts on the San Diego Beer Community. Next we sit down with Robert Masterson and Craig Nelson from the great Resident Brewing. We discuss Beer Week in general and which collab beers they produced for this specific event and sample them live on the show. Also hear about more upcoming collaboration beers coming from Resident in the future as well as some exclusive news on the upcoming newest edition of their barrel aged saison. Also hear about the possibility of the award winning Barleywine coming out from Resident Brewing. Nest up we are joined by Melissa Sanchez Brewer for Karl Strauss and Marketing Specialist for Karl Brian Skarin. Hear how Melissa got started in the world of brewing & how she found her way to the great Karl Strauss. Hear how Collabapalooza came to be and the possible future of the event during Beer Week. Plus hear about the new Holiday Triple IPA and more great things coming from Karl Strauss. Lastly we are joined by good friend Rudy Pollorena AKA Craft Beerd. Hear about his thoughts on Beer Week as well as some of the beers he has been enjoying most lately. Also hear whats new with Craft Beerd, hear about his recent Kickstarter for Hop Stash and his thoughts on the outcome as well as what the future might hold for Craft Beerd, Hop Stash, Beer Art and more. All this plus TONS more! ***Heads up, there is some background noise. Collabapalooza was a party - Stick with us, folks.***

November 06, 2017 08:54 PM PST

Don’t miss this weeks episode where we are coming to you LIVE from the San Diego Brewer’s Guild Fest 2017 to kick off San Diego Beer Week. First, we are joined by a special surprise guest - Kevin of Thr3e Punk Ales. Hear what is going on with Thr3e Punk Ales briefly during our “intro session” including their Collabapalooza exclusive Triple IPA. Next we are joined by the one and only Scot Blair of Hamilton’s Tavern, Monkey Paw an South Park Brewing. Hear whats new with Scot including some of the great Beer Week events he will be hosting this year as well as some history on SDBW including a fund raising Second Saturday. We also hear some of the things he has noticed that have changed in his 11 years in SD Beer & his approach to education. We also get his thoughts on the Coronado/Monkey Paw deal and how/why it happened. Also, hear how Monkey Paw was the first brewery to can in San Diego and hear all about their recent GABF Medal win. Our next guest is Jill Davidson - Western Regional Sales Manager for Pizza Port and current San Diego Brewers Guild President. Hear from her why Guild Fest is such an important event plus hear some history on the Guild, how they support local breweries & how they work with local tourism board. Hear the future of the Guild, who the next President will be and what her role will be moving forward for the Guild. Plus hear whats new at Pizza Port including brand new cans, their thoughts on “pub only”, serious pizza talk and more. To finish out the day we are joined by Matthew and Derek of Burgeon Beer in Carlsbad. We start off by sampling their brand new collab beer for Beer Week with Bottle Craft + learn about its creation. Also, don’t miss out on THREE EXCLUSIVE announcements from Burgeon beer including info on their upcoming anniversary party & an amazing new beer Three B Zine had something to do with! Plus, hear about the great Beer Week events Burgeon will be taking part in. All this, plus TONS MORE! ***Keep in mind - we are LIVE at Guild Fest and outside amongst the breweries and the crowd. There is some background noise. Hang with us, folks.***

November 01, 2017 07:46 PM PDT

This week its not only Beer Night in San Diego its also FEAR NIGHT in San Diego! We sit down to celebrate one of our favorite holidays - Halloween - With our yearly Three B Scream Episode. Also, to celebrate this yearly tradition we chose to focus our sights on Berliner Weisse beers - both local and otherwise - all night. Tune in as we sample numerous Berliners, fruited and non fruited and break down some history of the style, food pairings and more. Also, since its Halloween, a couple of live unscripted candy and beer pairings just for Halloween. We also do some holiday beer discussion including our favorite scary movie and beer pairings and also which horror movie villain we want to share a beer with and which beer we would choose with them. Also, don’t miss out when we break down some of the news stories happening around San Diego including New Brewery Alerts, upcoming can releases, some rad upcoming events and more news! You also get a breakdown of a recent anniversary beer which leads to some exclusive news! Also, get a breakdown of a brand new brewery from a show member who has already been by and sampled beers. Also, don’t miss out on the latest and most informative edition of Fact or Fiction yet! All this plus much more including candy pairings, filling pumpkins with beer, haunted boats, good vs bad base beers, upcoming Thanksgiving foods, trying to find out Vic’s Secret, great Motorhead song/beer names, North County growth in beer and so much more. Don’t miss this very informative very terrifying episode!

October 24, 2017 08:02 PM PDT

Beer Night in San Diego returns and this week we are stoked to be coming to you from the great Karl Strauss Brewing Company with our guests Mr. Paul Segura, Brian Skarin and Ryan Murphy. We sit down this week to discuss all the amazing things happening lately with Karl Strauss and to discuss a very big event happening during this years San Diego Beer Week. First, we sample the 2017 Peanut Butter Cup Porter and hear about the production of this beer. Next, we dive into their 2017 GOLD medal winning beer from GABF and hear about this medal winning beer. Plus, hear a breakdown of some inside GABF info from the Karl Strauss team, plus Paul breaks down the entire process for judging beers at GABF. Also hear what winning a medal means for a brewery from a brewing and marketing standpoint. We also dive in together and discuss the upcoming event during San Diego Beer Week - Collabapalooza! Karl Strauss’ event bringing together 30+ Independent Breweries to produce rare and one off collaboration beers. Hear about how the event came to be, hear about some of the breweries involved plus hear about some of the great collaboration beers that Paul worked on with other local, indie breweries and hear as we get to sample one of them on the show. Get the inside scoop on all the great things to expect at Collabapalooza this year - the ultimate local beer collaboration event. Plus, hear an EXCLUSIVE $5 code just for you! Also, hear some exclusive news about their barrel program and some releases you will see soon. We also dive into the social media mailbag with possibly our biggest, most in depth version of Get Social ever! All this plus much more including asking for beers no longer brewed to come back, barleywine dinners, sketchy ladders, San Diego beer history, tears might be shed for multiple reasons, beer dunk tanks, strong forearms and horseshoes and tons more.

October 17, 2017 09:30 PM PDT

Beer Night in San Diego returns this week and we are coming to you LIVE from the brand new and highly anticipated brewery in North County - Wild Barrel Brewing. Tune in as we are joined by the one and only Dr. Bill and Chris White for an evening of great beers and great beer discussion. We sample all of the beers currently being offered at Wild Barrel Brewing and hear the story and idea behind each one. Plus, we dive in deep to learn their approach to each beer coming from them now and coming in the future and their approach to being competitive with their beers. Hear some of their history in craft beer and how Wild Barrel came to be from idea to reality. We discuss the idea of canned beers coming from Wild Barrel and which beers you might see in cans in the near future. Hear how Preston joined the team to work towards perfecting their barrel program and what he brings to the table with his history of barreling beers. Also, hear about their approach to barrel aging and the beers you can look forward to. Plus, don’t miss some EXCLUSIVE news - never released before - including the next 4 upcoming beers from Wild Barrel and the next fruits that will be in their San Diego Vice sour beer. Also, we dive into a little game where we put Dr. Bill on the beer/food pairing hot seat where he has to come up with perfect beer pairings for food on the spot! Also get the scoop on some possible collaborations that might be coming soon! Don’t miss out when we dive into our social media mail bag and ask some questions from YOU the listeners when we Get Social! All this plus much more including hazy IPA history and thoughts on the style, why going to the DMV won’t suck ever again, the Inner Circle beer membership, bottle share and local beer stories, and so much more on this super sized ultimate San Diego beer information episode!

October 11, 2017 08:26 PM PDT

Beer Night in San Diego has returned from a long trip of Beer Weekend in Denver! The boys are back from GABF and are excited to share all the beers, stories and tips for you! Tune in to hear all about the trip out to Denver for the Great American Beer Festival. First we break down the winners from San Diego and who brought home some hardware. Plus, we sit down and sample beers specifically that won awards at the 2017 GABF. We also break down some of our favorite beers from the weekend and hear Mike’s “Top Beer Names” of GABF 2017 list. Also, we break down some of the killer food we sampled while in the Mile High City. Plus, don’t miss out as we break down some exciting local beer and food events coming soon and do not miss EXCLUSIVE NEWS yet to be announced which we are excited to share. Of course, there may or may not be TWO EXCLUSIVE discount codes for events revealed on the show - Just for you listeners! We also dive into the social media mailbag when we Get Social - Which leads to some deep discussion about sexism in the beer industry - Both local and beyond San Diego. (This conversation also leads to a promise to dive into this topic deeper in the very near future.) All this plus much more including sampling a growler from our friends at Resident Brewing, a host is almost killed in Denver, Ryan takes an important call on the show to give beer advice to a legend and tons more on this Super King Sized edition of Beer Night in San Diego!

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